Ather Energy is one of the Indian electric automobile startups which will announce their smart and connected and also the made in India electric scooter in the year 2014 and finally their vehicle appears on the roads in the year 2018. The flagship model of the company Ather 450X came on the road with the pleasant surprise of several ranges and also the performance for which they have promised in the year 2014 but still, people want to know the Ather 450X Charge Time before buying it. 

Ather 450X Charge Time

Ather 450X Charge Time

If you have bought the Ather 450 e-scooter or if you want to buy it soon then you need to understand that the vehicle’s charging characteristics are one of the crucial parts for motley all EV ownership. You must need to read this whole article which is based upon the Ather 450X Charge Time. 

Key Specifications of Ather 450X

The 450 is having a powerful 5.4 kW electric motor having a high speed of 80KM per hour and also having an acceleration from 0-40KM per hour within a time period of 3.9 seconds. Also, the scooter is having a lithium-ion battery pack which will provide a ride range of 75 Km within a single change. The different charging options and also charging duration details are available below in this article. 

The batter of this vehicle is rated for the life of 3 to 4 years or 50,000 KM. When you get the 3 years of unlimited mileage warranty on the battery, you are required to simply change the battery after 3-4 years. 

You need to know that others don’t only provide the e-scooter but it will also give the innovative charging infrastructure such as Tesla which is one of the companies providing the DC fast charging stations where all the users can be able to charge the battery at a speed of 1Km per minute. Also, the ather will provide unlimited free power to all its Indian users for a limited period of time. 

How to Charge Ather 450X | Charging Port Location & Connector Type

Ather 450X features the custom charging connector and it seems like the standard type 2 connector but to be true, it is not. So, don’t even try to use the 4 wheeler’s type 2 charging cable on the ather electric scooters charging time. Also, the ather charging port can get spotted easily which is located near the key. You have to simply plug in the cable and the chagrin will begin in an immediate manner. 

Good to Know: When the charging sessions will begin then you will be able to take the vehicle key and then simply leave the place. Also, there is no need to worry about any theft of the charging cable as the charging cable will get locked to the vehicle when the charging gets started. Know more at Ather Grid Official Portal.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Ather 450X?

Basically, the Ather 450X Charge Time is based on charging points like a regular wall socket at your home or office, by the particular charging stations, AC public charging stations on the streets, or also at the DC fast charge as well. Charging at the different locations, the chargers will take different times to charge your vehicle. 

Option 1: Using The Portable Charger

Generally, the scooter can get charged with the help of travel portable chargers. Also, this charger doesn’t come for free of cost with your vehicle, and you are required to buy the charger in a separate manner by simply paying a sum of Rs.5,600. 

Option 2: Use Ather Home Charger

You need to know that the ather will provide the free home charging station to all the customers. By charging stations that are free to use, you have to simply pay for the installation of the stations which will cost you nearly Rs. 1,800 which will also include the taxes and labor costs. 

This charging station will send the AC current to the scooter and then the charging which is inside the scooter simply concert the AC into the DC current which is mainly acceptable by the battery. Because of the onboard charger capability, this option of chagrin is slower as compared to the portable charger. 

Option 3: Use Ather Public Fast Charger (DC)

The public DC charger seems the same as the home AC charger but it is much faster in charging. It will take nearly an hour and 15 minutes to get fully charged at the average rate of 1 Km per minute. You need to know that the charging takes a little fast when the capacity of your battery is lower and slows down at the time when it reaches 70% of battery. 

Option 4: Use Portable Charger On 3rd Party Public Charging Stations (Bharat AC-001)

Ather is mainly committed to create a huge charging network in India and is not practical to install the charging stations in all the city and streets by using a single company. As we can see clearly the tesla vehicle is using the other network charges points own charge and some as ather as well. It is simply that the ather vehicle drivers also face the situations and also they need to be charged at the third party charging stations at least when there is no nearby ather charging point available. 

In terms of charging ather e-scooter at the public Bharat Ac chagrin stations, you need to have a portable charger. You need to know that the one end of the ather portable charging cable gets connected with the Bharat AC Charger and the other end will get plugged in with the e-scooter. When the cable gets plugged in then you can simply be able to begin the charging with the help of the particular charging point operator’s RFID card or by the mobile app as well. 

What Is the Best Charging Station for Ather 450 e-Scooters?

Every above-given charging option is having its own purpose. As the ather will provide the free charging on the network or if you are having the ather free home charger then it will be beneficial to use all of them. When you can’t be able to access the charger or when the ather will begin the invoicing for the chagrin then you have to look up the best Bharat EV AC charger nearby your location. 

How Much Does It Cost To Charge Ather 450X E-Scooter?

You need to know that the charging cost will completely depend upon several parameters like the city where you are charging your vehicle and the location where you charge and also the time of charge like day, night, off-peak hours a also the charge point operator and E-mobility service provider which you are using. 

Is It Economical To Drive Ather 450X in India?

There are lots of parameters like total distance which you have travel on the daily basis and the electricity, petrol, diesel, prices and the yearly regular and the ad-hoc maintenance, insurance premiums, battery replacement after the 50Km wear down and above all the starting buying cost and lots of other involved in terms to calculate the total cost of ownership. 

So, you can consider the below-given calculation at the best efforts to calculate the costs in 5 years for 450 as compared to the same petrol scooter. The numbers are not guaranteed and you can do it on your own because of the diligence before you make the actual purchase decision. 

As you can see the total ownership cost of ather 450 e-scooter is still expensive as compared to owning the similar honda Activa petrol scooter. The calculation will simply change lots of things which will be considered below. 

  • Petrol price of Rs.80 is mainly considered as the above-given calculation which is mainly set to increase on the daily basis. So, ather may be able to break the costs. 
  • Another thing to simply look at is the major maintenance cost on the ather which is Rs.60,000 for the battery replacement in the 4th and 5th year. 
  • The Indian market of the battery is still early and in the coming years, when the volume ramps up, the cost of the battery may get down to as low as Rs.40,000. 
  • If you finalize to drive the e-scooter as it drives and trash it then the huge cost of Rs.60,000 will disappear. You can call to the trash in 7 years which seems so crazy but it is really like lots of new generation customers will rarely use the same vehicle for more than 7 years. 

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