Atum Vader Electric Bike Range, Battery, Price, Time – The EV industry is expanding rapidly with the launch of many electric scooters and bikes. 

Every automaker and start-up is competing to lead the industry by introducing appealing designs, superior features, and intelligent capabilities. This post focuses on the Atum Vader electric bike, recently launched by the company in the EV market.

Atum Vader Electric Bike

Atum Vader

The Atum Vader company founded The Atum Vader electric bike in 2021 for the EV industry. This company is based in Hyderabad, Atum Vader is a start-up introduced by Vamsi Krishna, specializing in electric sports bikes. The company’s manufacturing plant, situated in Patancheru, Telangana, boasts an annual production capacity of 50,000 units. 

Additionally, with its innovative and elegant design, the Atum Vader electric bike is equipped with the latest technology and features, making it a highly competitive player in the rapidly developing EV market. The company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness is also echoed in the bike’s energy-efficient and low-emission design. 

Atum Vader’s electric bike has already gained significant attention and praise from industry experts and consumers alike. The task of the company is to deliver a reliable, convenient, and environmentally aware mode of conveyance for riders everyplace. 

With its cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and impressive production abilities, Atum Vader is poised for success and development in the EV industry.

Atum Vader Electric Bike Battery and Power

The utilization of company has a 48V, 40AH lithium-ion battery pack in this electric superbike. This battery provides a range of 100 kilometers after a single full charge, which is ARAI approved. 

A 1.5kW BLDC motor is utilized in conjunction with this battery, capable of delivering a maximum torque of 100NM.

Its aim is to provide a reliable, sustainable mode of transportation, the company has integrated advanced technology into this electric bike. 

The service of a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and a powerful motor allows for a smooth and efficient riding experience. Further, the company’s emphasis on eco-friendliness and sustainability is reflected in the bike’s energy-efficient design.

In general, the Atum Vader electric superbike is a cutting-edge product, providing riders with a special combination of power, efficiency, and sustainability. 

The company is committed to advancing the EV industry and providing riders with a truly exceptional electric biking experience.

Atum Vader Electric Bike Charging Time after a Top Speed

Its top speed is around 60 km/hr As per the claims of the company. That’s not all, the electric scooter comes with a 48V, 10A charger provided by the company. This charger takes around 5-6 hours to fully charge the lithium-ion battery of the scooter. 

Additionally, the company has noted that the top speed of the bike is 60 km/hr and it can run for 100 km on a single full charge with the help of its 48V, 40AH lithium-ion battery pack. To complete the riding experience smoothly and efficiently, it is equipped with a 1.5kW BLDC motor that delivers a maximum torque of 100NM. 

The bike has been designed to cater to the requirements of modern-day riders who are searching for high-performance vehicles with a hint of style.

Atum Vader Electric Bike Color Options

The electric bike has been offered in five colors to give it an attractive and stylish look According to the company. 

Atum Vader Electric Bike Color Options

The colors contain Black, Red, Blue, White, and Steel Grey.

Smart Features of Atum Vader Electric Bike

It is equipped with a complete LED digital screen, Bluetooth, GPS positioning, anti-theft alarm, remote lock, low battery indicator, and regenerative braking system.  

The scooter is also loaded with additional features like built-in GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, and a digital display for easy navigation and monitoring

The hand brake is utilized to stop the electric bike, and there is no clutch or leg brake. It has also a 14-liter foot space. Along with all these features, this electric scooter promises a smooth, convenient, and safe ride. The low battery indicator warns the rider when the battery is running low, making it effortless to plan for recharging. 

With a large 14-liter foot space, riders can comfortably put their feet on while riding. Further, this electric scooter is the best option for commuters who are searching for an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

The regenerative braking system enables the conservation of energy, while the anti-theft alarm confirms the safety of the vehicle. Generally, this electric scooter provides a high level of convenience and comfort, making it a top choice for urban commuters.

  • Motor Power: 2.4 Kw
  • Extra-Led Lights: Indicators, Tail Light, Rear Lamp
  • Top Speed: 65 Kmph
  • Seat Height: 809 Mm
  • Ground Clearance: 230 Mm
  • Storage Capacity: 25 Litres
  • Charging Time: 3-4 Hours
  • Range @25kmph: *100 + Kms
  • Range @45kmph: *82 + Kms

Atum Vader Electric Bike Price in India

Atum Vader Electric Bike Price

Introducing Atum Vader At an Introductory Price Of ₹136000.00/-* Only

Anyone who is looking to purchase this bike can book it on its official website with a token amount of INR 999. The company has priced its electric superbike at INR 99,999.

Further, the electric superbike is a new mode of transportation that is not only environmentally friendly but also provides an exciting and adventurous experience to riders. Along with its strong electric motor, riders can effortlessly tackle challenging terrain and reach their destination fast. 

The sleek and stylish design of the bike makes it a head-turner on the road, while its smart features assure a relaxing and safe ride. If you are searching for a thrilling and eco-friendly mode of transportation, the electric superbike is a flawless choice.

FAQs on Atum Vader EV Bike

  • Q1. How far can the Atom Vader electric bike travel on a single charge?

Ans: The range of the Atom Vader electric bike is 100 kilometers.

  • Q2. What is the maximum speed attainable by the Atom Vader electric bike?

Ans: The top speed of the Atom Vader electric bike is 60 kmph.

  • Q3. How much does Atom Vader electric bike cost?

Ans: The cost of this electric superbike is set at Rs 99,999 ex-showroom by the company.

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