Best Ather 450X Accessories Online 2023 – The Ather 450X is India’s most successful electric scooter, boasting a cutting-edge design and impressive specifications. It has revolutionized the electric scooter industry in India, setting a high standard for other EV makers to follow in terms of features, customer service, specifications, and safety ratings.

After conducting 8 years of research and development, Ather ensured a seamless launch of the 450X and 450 Plus in the Indian market as Ather 450X Mileage Per Charge is quite impressive.

In the design process, Ather prioritized adding accessories for a better riding experience, though cost constraints may have limited their ability to fully customize the scooter with the list of best rather 450x accessories online 2023 collection.

Best Ather 450X Accessories Online 2023

Best Ather 450X Accessories

However, for those who are serious about riding their Ather scooter, additional accessories can greatly enhance the experience, although the scooter will still perform well without them.

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List of Best Accessories of Ather 450X 

  • Handle Protector

Handle Protector

The Handle Protector is a must-have accessory for the Ather 450X electric scooter. With its sleek front profile and edgy design, this high-performance scooter is bound to turn heads. 

However, accidents on the road are a possibility and while Ather offers a warranty policy for any electronic faults, it does not cover physical damage to the scooter’s body. 

The Handle Protector not only secures the front of your Ather but also adds a unique and outstanding touch to its appearance. The color of the accessory perfectly matches the scooter’s color, enhancing its road presence.

  • Ather 450x Frame Guard

Ather 450x Frame Guard

The Frame Guard is a solution to the challenge faced by all-electric vehicles, which are made primarily of aluminum chassis and carbon-fiber bodies to improve the range but lack the strength of internal combustion engine vehicles. 

The Ather Frame Guard provides added strength and protection against minor hits and dents while maintaining the scooter’s lightweight design. 

While it cannot save you from a severe road accident, it makes your Ather electric scooter stronger and better equipped to handle everyday wear and tear. 

The Frame Guard is an essential accessory for anyone looking to maximize the performance and longevity of their Ather 450X electric scooter.

  • Wipro 16A Smart Plug

Wipro 16A Smart Plug

The Wipro 16A Smart Plug is an important accessory for those who take their electric scooter and home devices seriously. Charging your electric scooter is a critical and sensitive task, and any problems with the charger or M.C.B. can be expensive. 

This smart plug carefully observes the charging process and secures both your scooter and home devices. It can be managed wirelessly and turned on and off as required. 

Further, the Wipro 16A Smart Plug measures power consumption and modifies accordingly for smart charging, protecting your scooter charger from energy fluxes and assuring the smooth operation of your home devices. 

In General, if you want to assure the safety and longevity of your Ather 450X and your home electronics, the Wipro 16A Smart Plug is a must-have.

  • Ather 450x Screen Guard

Ather 450x Screen Guard

The amazing feature of Ather scooters is their instinctive touchscreen display panel, which was a pioneering technology in the market of Indian electric scooters. 

To secure this important factor of your Ather 450X, it is suggested to install a display protection glass. This glass works like a high-quality tempered glass for your mobile phone, protecting the screen from stains, scratches, dust, and other exterior features. 

Keeping the quality of your Ather’s display is important for assuring optimal performance and a long-lasting electric scooter experience. 

With the Display Protection Glass, you can rest ensured that your Ather screen will be secured against everyday wear and tear.

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  • Xiaomi 150 PSI Portable Electric Tyre Inflator

Xiaomi 150 PSI Portable Electric Tyre Inflator

The rechargeable tire inflator eliminates the need for visits to petrol pumps or service centers. No longer do you have to rely on workshops or lug around bulky air compressors to refill the air in your tires. 

This portable tire inflator is digital, rechargeable, and can fill multiple tires after a single charge. It’s highly portable and can easily fit in the front boot space of the Ather 450X. To keep your scooter well-maintained, consider purchasing this handy device.

  • 3D Floor Mat for Ather 450X

3D Floor Mat for Ather 450X

It’s important to have a high-quality floor mat for your electric scooter because it helps in maintaining it clean and protected from dirt, mud, and liquids. 

If you are looking for a mat that provides long-lasting protection to the floorboard then the floor mat is the best option for the Ather electric scooter available in the market.

It is made up of good quality materials It is designed for long-term use without becoming brittle or worn out If you want your Ather scooter stays clean and well-maintained for years to come then you have to invest in this floor mat.

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  • Puncher Kit

Puncher Kit

Picture yourself on a long highway, when you suddenly realize that one of your Ather electric scooter tires is low on air. You have your tire inflator and quickly refill it, but after a short while you notice the air has leaked out once again and there’s a big puncture in your tire. 

Without a nearby workshop or garage, you’ll be left with no choice but to repair the puncture or risk further damage to your tire and increased drain on your battery.

The solution? A puncher repair kit. This kit is user-friendly and you won’t need any extra help to fix your tire punctures.

  • Throttle Armrest

Throttle Armrest

A comfortable ride is crucial and the armrest plays a significant role in that. Electric vehicles, especially the Revolt RV 400, can put a lot of stress on your palm due to the loose throttle, especially on long rides. 

This can lead to discomfort and even pain. The armrest acts as a cushion, reducing the pressure on your hands and making your ride more pleasant.

Adding an armrest to your electric vehicle is easy and won’t affect your riding style or add any weight to your vehicle. It’s as small and light as a smartphone charger, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free ride.

  • Ather Wheel Stickers

Ather Wheel Stickers

Your Ather 450X is not just a mode of transportation, but a symbol of your good taste and a source of pride. Adding wheel stickers to your Ather scooter will add to its aesthetic appeal and keep the excitement of owning it alive. 

These stickers are specially chosen to give your scooter a more vibrant look and can be easily removed without leaving any residue. So, if you love your Ather 450X, enhance its appearance with these attractive wheel stickers.

  • Ather Waterproof Body Cover

Ather Waterproof Body Cover

The body cover is crucial for all types of vehicles, especially in India which has high levels of sand and dust pollution. If you ride your ather 450x on dusty roads, then you must learn how to wash ather 450x at home and use a body cover to keep your ather as new as it comes from the showroom.

These particles tend to settle on vehicles even when they are parked, causing them to become covered in dust. To keep your Ather electric scooter free from this external dirt, you should invest in a waterproof body cover. It will provide protection from the elements and keep your scooter looking as good as new.

  • Sunshield Helmet

Sunshield Helmet

Did you know that wearing helmets in India saves approximately 15,000 lives annually and that 30,000 people die every year due to not wearing one? It’s clear how dangerous it is to not wear a helmet while driving at high speeds. Investing in a high-quality helmet is crucial for a safe riding experience.

  • Hand Gloves

Hand Gloves

Riding safely is just as important as saving money on fuel. Always wear the best quality gloves while riding for added protection. Here’s a link to purchase top-notch gloves.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

You should do regular cleaning and good maintenance is important in preserving your vehicle free from scratches and dents. 

Despite regular cleaning and wet washing, your bike may still be left with undesirable marks and scratches due to the kind of cloth utilized for wiping the surface. 

Utilizing any random cloth may result in long-term harm to the vehicle, but using a microfiber cloth will assure the sheen of your Revolt RV 400 lasts for a longer-lasting.

Final Verdict:

You can check out the above-mentioned accessories because these are the best options to improve the appearance and performance of your Ather electric scooter. 

All the above accessories are viable with both Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus and do not damage your scooter or impact your insurance policy.

If you found these Best Ather 450X Accessories Online helpful, consider sharing them with your friends and family.

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