Best Electric Hybrid Bikes under £3000 UK 2023 In this article, we will discuss a selection of the best electric hybrid bikes that are priced under £3000 for 2023. 

This article features a diverse range of list of hybrid e-bikes under the £2000-£3000 range, which proffers superb structure and a minimum of 2 years warranty. 

All of the featured models are from reputed brands and include the new technology in e-bikes.

Best Electric Hybrid Bikes Under £3000

Best Electric Hybrid Bikes Under £3000

What is An Electric Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid electric bikes provide a balance between classic mountain and road bikes, proposing a lot of option that avoids the disadvantages of either extreme. While electric mountain bikes have impressive off-road capabilities, they can be bulky and hefty on the road. 

On the other hand, e-road bikes are lightweight and fast on paved surfaces, but not well-suitable to rough terrain and tracks.

They are famous for their versatility, making them eligible for a wide range of riding circumstances, whether it’s on pavement or exploring off-road tracks, single-track, and canal routes. 

Hybrid e-bikes also can endure riding in winter. One of the defining features of hybrid electric bikes is their simple frame geometry, connected with more extensive tires and front suspension on specific models. 

On the other side,  the front suspension may add some weight, but it’s not required for off-road riding, as a tough fork hybrid can handle it without any issues.

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Commonly Used Electric Motors:

  • Bosch 

The motor of the Bosch electric bike is designed as a mid-drive system, which is found in the middle of the bike, particularly the crank. 

Due to this design efficiency enhances and offers a more increased torque output, which is specifically useful for mounting steep hills. The power developed by the motor is transmitted to the posterior wheel via the chain.

  • Shimano Steps

The Shimano e-bike motor works likewise to the Bosch motor and is available in both the options of crank and mid-drive. 

We personally have experience with the Shimano Steps E6100 motor, which provides efficient power service even at the lowest setting. 

This motor can be discovered in many e-bikes.

  • x35 eBikeMotion 

The x35 ebikemotion system aims to create an electric bike that is both lightweight and sleek in appearance. 

By using a small rear hub motor, the e-bike may have slightly lower performance and battery range, but this is offset by the reduced weight of the bike.

Battery Types and Range

  • Bosch and Shimano e-bike batteries generally come in three capacities: 400Wh, 500Wh, and 625Wh, which can supply a potential range of up to 100 miles. 
  • The real range may differ depending on elements such as rider weight, tire pressure, wind direction, and terrain. 
  • Bosch also provides a range calculator to assist estimate the range for a specific bike and usage.

Note: How to Increase Electric Bicycle Battery Capacity

List of the Best Electric Hybrid Bikes Under £3000

We have provided the list below incorporates some of the best-performing electric hybrid bikes that can be bought for under £3000. 

While there are other cheaper options available in this category but we have chosen to target reputed brands and e-bikes for this list.

  • Ribble AL eHybrid

Ribble AL eHybrid

For those people who are searching for the best of both traditional and electric biking, Ribble AL e hybrid will be the best option for them. 

We found that it offers the versatility of both a classic bike and an e-bike. The weight of the bike is around 14kg, which is equivalent to that of a typical hybrid bike, and it can be ridden just as easily without the assist.

We would suggest the AL e for riders who are already in good shape or those who live in fairly flat areas. The small rear hub motor is useful for mounting moderate hills, but it does not hold the power to handle long, steep inclines and it may need extra effort.

It is equipped with features such as mudguards, a rack, Schwalbe Marathon puncture-resistant tires, Shimano hydraulic brakes for trustworthy stopping power, and SRAM 11-speed gearing with a broad range cassette and a 42t single chainring up front.

  • Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 (2022 Model)

Cube Touring Hybrid One 500

Of all of the e-bikes, the Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 is the best-performing electric hybrid bike that proposes exceptional value for its class and it costs just under £2500.

As a premium brand, the Bosch-powered e-bike is difficult to find a better deal and the quality of the components and appearance are not compromised.

Equipped with Shimano 9-speed gearing, it is ready for both daily commuting and long-distance touring. Fully loaded with features such as mudguards, a rack, lights, and a kickstand, making it one of the best-equipped e-bikes at this price point.

The Bosch Active Plus motor and 500Wh battery, which provides a real-world range of 50-70 miles on a single charge, are the cherry on top. Cube has been producing exceptional e-bikes for many years and this experience is evident in the Touring Hybrid One.

The combination of great performance and appearance makes this e-bike the best option of all.

  • Vitus Mach E Urban 2022

Vitus Mach E Urban

Through Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles, The Vitus Mach E Urban is sold exclusively and uses the excellent Shimano Steps E6100 motor with a 504Wh battery.

The Mach E is based on its non-assisted version and the overall build quality is excellent. The smooth welded 6061 alloy frame with relaxed geometry makes the Mach E a versatile mile muncher and comfortable to ride, even for long distances on hilly terrain.

Although it doesn’t come fitted with a rack or mudguards, these can be easily added if required. Gearing is provided by dependable Shimano 9-speed components and the flat-mount Shimano hydraulic brakes offer reliable stopping power. The V-Tire G-Sport all-terrain tires are high volume 700x40c and do a great job of absorbing shock from potholes.

The Vitus Mach E is a great option for those looking for a hybrid electric bike that is lightweight (17.8kg) and can be ridden off-road. The author has owned one for a year and covered nearly 2000 miles on it without any issues and you can read the Vitus Mach E Review here.

  • Decathlon Riverside 540e Hybrid E-Bike

Decathlon Riverside 540e Hybrid E-Bike

The over-priced Decathlon Riverside 540e e-bike will cost around £2495, but its recent sale price of £1999.99 makes it a very good deal.

The Decathlon Riverside 540e is equipped with the Shimano Steps E6100 motor for strong performance, especially for hill climbing, and a 418Wh battery which should provide a comfortable range of 50 miles when ridden efficiently.

The high-quality Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain proffers a wide range of gears and smooth shifting. The Suntour NCX SF17 suspension fork with 63mm of travel, making it perfect for commuting or riding on canal towpaths or light forest trails.

The bike is equipped with good quality hydraulic Tektro TDK brakes with 160mm discs. The hard, double-walled rims are fitted with the Vittoria Terrano Dry gravel tires, which are a great all-rounder and resistant to punctures.

  • Merida ESpresso 300 EQ SE 2023

Merida ESpresso 300 EQ SE

If you are looking for a high-value electric hybrid bike then the Merida Espresso 300 EQ SE will be the best option for you and also it is equipped for long days of riding.

The bike uses the Shimano Steps E5000 motor with a 418Wh battery, which provides little less torque than the E6100 unit, but offers expanded efficiency. Gearing is provided by Shimano 9-speed and features hydraulic brakes, and the bike is also equipped with tough hybrid-specific rims and puncture-resistant Continental touring tires.

The brakes are excellent Shimano MT200 hydraulic and the Suntour NEX suspension fork helps absorb shocks when riding on rough roads. Merida is known for producing high-quality bikes and the ESpresso 300 is no exception. The 418Wh battery has a potential range of 50-70 miles.

  • Trek FX+ 2 Electric Hybrid Bike

Trek FX+ 2 Electric Hybrid Bike

The new release of 2023, The Trek FX+ 2 hybrid electric bike will be the ideal option for those people who are looking for a lightweight option for e-bikes. 

It is one of the lighter options available at 18kg. The electric bike is equipped with the Hyena HyDrive rear hub motor and an internal 250Wh battery, along with an optional external range extender.

The aided range in the medium power setting is around 30 miles, but it could be expanded by using the assist less. The FX+ 2 is identical in appearance to its non-assisted version and is perfect for commuters or weekend leisure rides.

The bike is equipped with quality components such as Bontrager 700 x 40c tires, Shimano Altus 9-speed gearing, and Promax DSK-927 hydraulic brakes. It also comes equipped with useful accessories including mudguards, a pannier rack, lights, and a kickstand.


These are some of the Best Electric Hybrid Bikes under £3000 in UK 2023, but is there a clear winner?

The Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 is a top contender. Coming in close behind the Cube are the Giant Roam E+ GTS and the Vitus Mach E UrbanThe author loved the Vitus Mach E, and regrets selling it. The Shimano Steps E6100 motor is reliable and performed well even in heavy downpours.

The Giant Roam E+ GTS also has a great motor and is a reliable workhorse that can handle mixed terrain.

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