In the bustling streets of India, it’s becoming increasingly vital to have an electric scooter that’s not only practical but budget-friendly as well. People going to buy an electric scooter in India in big numbers, then people would love to know which are the best electric scooters with removable battery in India, so we have shared the latest 2023 list here.

And, if you’re like many scooter riders, you’re probably grappling with the question of range anxiety. Fear not, for there is a solution – an electric scooter equipped with the innovative technology of a removable battery.

Gone are the days of waiting idly by as your scooter charges at a charging station. With a removable battery, you can effortlessly switch out a depleted battery with a fully charged one, ensuring your scooter stays powered and ready to go, without any pesky wait times or costly charging fees.

As the quest for sustainable, efficient modes of transportation continues, electric scooters with detachable batteries have emerged as a beacon of hope in India. 

These innovative two-wheelers embody the essence of convenience and environmental consciousness, delivering exceptional performance and features that cater to the needs of modern urban commuters. 

The removable battery design of these scooters enables effortless charging and maintenance, maximizing operational efficacy and minimizing downtime. 

Some of the most exceptional specimens of this genre of electric scooters in India for the year 2023 include the Simple One Electric Scooter, Raft Indus NX Electric Scooter, and Okinawa i-Praise Plus, to name a few. 

These scooters embody the pinnacle of performance, range, and cutting-edge technology, offering a perfect blend of practicality and innovation to the discerning consumer.

Best Electric Scooters with Removable Battery in India 2023

Best Electric Scooters with Removable Battery in India

With a plethora of options available, selecting the right electric scooter can be a daunting task. 

To ease your decision-making process, we’ve meticulously compiled a list of the top 5 best electric scooters with removable battery technology in India: the Raft Indus NX E-Scooter, the Simple One Electric Scooter, the Okinawa i-Praise Plus, the HERO VIDA V1, the AMPERE MAGNUS.

These scooters offer a harmonious blend of top-notch performance, eco-friendliness, and effortless charging capabilities.

So why delay? Embrace the benefits of an electric scooter with removable battery technology today, and revel in the joys of eco-friendly and cost-effective travel.

Best Electric Scooter with Removable Battery Feature

The electrifying world of personal mobility devices has reached new heights with the advent of top-notch electric scooters, each showcasing unique features and capabilities. 

The following is a list of the 5 most exceptional electric scooters that boast the highly coveted Removable Battery Feature.

Simple One Electric Scooter [#Expert’s Choice: Best Electric Scooter with Removable Battery in India]

Simple One Electric Scooter Removable Battery

  • This scooter is a masterful fusion of velocity and efficiency, poised to take you on a journey unlike any other. 
  • Boasting a range of 236 km in full-throttle mode and 203 km in eco mode, this scooter empowers you to explore uncharted territories. 
  • With its lightning-fast 75-minute battery charge time, the removable battery pack ensures that you never have to endure power-less moments. 
  • You can even take advantage of the Simple Loop fast-charging network for a 60-second jolt that gives you a 2.5 km boost. 
  • Powering this scooter is a 4.8 kWh battery pack that consists of a fixed 3.3 kWh unit beneath the footboard and a 1.5 kWh removable pack in the trunk.

Raft Indus NX Electric Scooter Removable Battery

Raft Indus NX Electric Scooter Removable Battery

  • This scooter is the ultimate choice for those seeking to push beyond boundaries.
  • Featuring a permanent 48V 135Ah lithium-ion battery pack beneath the footboard that provides a range of 325 km, and a removable 48V 65Ah battery pack beneath the seat, this scooter grants you an additional 155 km of range. 
  • With a top speed of 45 kmph, a loading capacity of 75 kg, and generous storage space for the charger in the trunk, this scooter guarantees reliable performance.
  • The Raft Indus NX – is a marvel of an electric scooter crafted by the innovative minds at Raft Industries. 
  • Its information remains shrouded in a veil of mystique, yet the concept of electric scooters as a whole has taken the world by storm. 
  • They proffer a sustainable mode of conveyance that is both effortless and practical, with a battery that is rechargeable, a motor that is electric, and a form that accentuates mobility and usability. 
  • However, without proper revelations, the enigma of its capabilities remains unsolved.

Okinawa i-Praise Plus Removable Battery

Okinawa i-Praise Plus Removable Battery

  • Okinawa Autotech’s i-Praise Plus electric scooter is a game-changer, ushering in a new era of travel. 
  • Flaunting cutting-edge technology and a futuristic design, this scooter makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into the future. 
  • Equipped with a detachable 3.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a micro-charger, this scooter provides a range of up to 139 km per charge. 
  • The battery and electric motor are backed by a 3-year warranty, granting peace of mind, while the charging time is a mere 4-5 hours.

Hero Vida V1 Removable Battery

Hero Vida V1 Removable Battery

  • Embark on an electrifying experience with Hero MotoCorp’s Vida V1 electric scooter.
  • This stylish two-wheeler boasts an edgy design and striking color combination, making it impossible to ignore. 
  • But its beauty is more than skin-deep as the Vida V1 provides unparalleled performance. 
  • With a 6000W BLDC electric motor, a 3.94 kWh battery capacity, and a top speed of 80 kmph, this scooter is a top pick for modern adventurers. 
  • The Vida V1’s range of 165 km makes it ready for any journey.

Ampere Magnus Removable Battery

Ampere Magnus Removable Battery

  • The Magnus from Ampere is the electric scooter of the future, designed for those seeking to elevate their riding experience. 
  • Combining traditional design with cutting-edge technical specs, this scooter provides a seamless and efficient ride. 
  • The 60.0V battery grants a range of 121 km, while the 2100W BLDC electric motor enables speeds of up to 50 kmph. 
  • Charging time is a mere 6-7 hours. 
  • Experience the raw power and unbridled performance of electrifying technology with the Ampere Magnus.
  • Warranty valid for 3 years or 30,000 km.


Embark on a journey to discover the electrifying realm of top-notch, cutting-edge electric scooters with detachable batteries. With advancements in technology, the selection of quality, reliable battery-powered scooters has grown exponentially, presenting a plethora of choices for the discerning consumer. 

This comprehensive compendium presents a curated collection of the most exceptional, trustworthy electric scooters in the market, each boasting features that set them apart from the competition. 

Utilize this informative guide on “Best Electric Scooters with Removable Battery in India 2023”, replete with in-depth descriptions, to make an informed, astute purchase and embrace the future of transportation. Keep an eye out for updates as new models with impeccable detachable battery quality are added to this already impressive roster.

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