Best EV Charging Apps Australia 2023 – Electric vehicle (EV) drivers need to plan ahead when it comes to charging their cars, as the limited number of EV charging stations may make it difficult to find a nearby location to power up. 

While most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, public charging stations are still necessary when on the go. In Australia, there are over 2300 public charging stations available and more are planned. 

Utilizing an electric car charging app, such as those offered by car manufacturers or specialized companies, can help locate these stations. 

Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all apps may be applicable in a specific location, so it is best to stick with those that are specifically designed for your area.

Best EV Charging Apps Australia 2023

Best EV Charging Apps Australia

To simplify the procedure of finding the best EV charging station apps australia for your requirements.

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Charging Apps in Australia

We have created a rundown of the Best EV Charging Apps Australia for both Apple and Android devices. These apps will help you in becoming an efficient EV trip planner.

  • PlugShare

In Australia, there are multiple providers of EV charging infrastructure, and some apps only display charging stations from certain providers. 

PlugShare is the most comprehensive option as it shows results from all providers, giving a full overview of the country’s charging station network. 

The app also includes coverage of charging stations in the US and Europe and a map filter that allows users to search for charging stations by plug type. 

The app also includes reviews of charging stations that list nearby amenities like wifi, making it helpful for planning your EV trip.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • ChargeFox 

The ChargeFox app boasts to be the largest electric vehicle charging network in Australia, with over 1400 charging plugs available across the country. 

It includes standard DC (22kW), fast (50kW), and ultra-rapid fast charging (350kW) options. 

The app provides real-time information on charger functionality, availability, and pricing, allowing users to see the cost of charging before plugging in. 

ChargeFox has also partnered with EV manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, and Nissan to offer free or discounted charging for their customers.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • EV Connect

EV Connect claims to be the most advanced cloud-based software platform for managing EV charging stations, and the 4.5 and 4.7 ratings on Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively support their claim. 

The app allows users to monitor charging sessions in real-time, enabling accurate trip planning while the EV is charging. 

Additionally, the app enables users to pay for the charging session, making the experience more seamless.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • Evie 

Evie is another player in the Australian EV charging market. 

It has as of late gotten a huge fund from the federal government’s ARENA award program. 

This means that we can expect to see a greater amount of its charging stations in significant urban communities, especially on the east coast. 

While Evie’s application may not be really that polished of its significant rival ChargeFox, it is clear and permits clients to pay for charging straightforwardly in the application.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • ChargePoint

ChargePoint, a US-based company, is currently one of the largest providers of EV charging stations worldwide, with a network of over 114,000 independent charging stations operating in 14 countries. 

Recently, it has closed its operations in Australia, leaving some charging stations still operational but without remote support. 

Chargefox is set to take over these stations. 

Despite this, the ChargePoint app is still functional and can help locate charging stations around Australia and check their availability.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • Zap-Map

Zap-Map offers a variety of options for EV owners, with the free version providing access to basic information about public charging stations, including payment options, network, and connector types. 

For a fee, users can also manage multiple vehicles, and integrate the app with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for safer navigation while on the road.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • Chargemap 

Chargemap offers a vast network of over 450,000 charging stations throughout Europe, making it a great option for those who frequently travel with their electric vehicle across the channel. 

Despite its smaller presence in the UK compared to other alternatives, the app boasts a user-friendly interface and does not require a paid subscription for its features, including integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 

However, users must purchase a separate Chargemap Pass card for payments, which incurs a one-time cost of €19.90. This may be a minor inconvenience, but it can be worth it for those who frequently drive their electric car in Europe.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • BP Pulse

BP Pulse has recently released a new app called Chargemaster, which replaces their previous app, Polar. 

The Chargemaster app offers many new features, including the ability for subscription members to charge their electric vehicles through the app. 

Subscription members also have free access to many BP charge points. However, free members pay a slightly higher per kilowatt-hour (kWh) tariff than subscription members. 

The app is also easy to use, allowing users to top-up their credit and make payments within the app, and also explores more than 8,000 charging points across the UK. 

Additionally, it is worth checking out the EV energy tariffs page for the latest home charging energy tariffs in the UK.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • Bonnet 

The essential app for electric vehicle (EV) drivers is one that helps them locate and access charging stations. 

Bonnet is a popular choice among users as it prioritizes simplicity in its approach to making the EV charging process as seamless as possible. 

The app partners with various EV charging networks across Europe, expanding its reach and making charging accessible to all, without the need for multiple apps on your phone. 

Additionally, Bonnet enables users to save money on charging by purchasing prepaid plans and allows for unused kilowatts to roll over to the next month. 

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

  • Google Maps

Google Maps is a well-known navigation app that serves drivers and the general public. 

Recently, it has introduced features specifically tailored for EV drivers to enhance their driving experience. 

For example, it can show the current battery level of your EV, allowing for better planning of long-distance trips. 

It can also suggest charging stations if your battery level is too low to reach your destination. 

Additionally, it provides information about the types of chargers available at charging stations, which can be especially useful for new EV owners.

Download from Official Google Play Store & App Store on iPhone:

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So now you know how you can reach out to the nearest electric charging station by using these Best EV Charging Apps Australia 2023 collections. If you still have any queries or feedback in the comment section below.

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