Best EV Charging Apps UK 2023 – EV charging apps are essential for an easy and efficient charging experience for EV owners. However, not all apps offer the same level of service. Bonnet stands out as the only app that works with multiple networks and doesn’t require separate payment apps. 

It also provides information on the location of charging points and saves you time searching for specific network providers. Other notable EV charging apps include Tesla, Osprey, Shell Recharge, Gridserve, Instavolt, GeniePoint, Ionity, Zap-Map, Chargeplace Scotland, BP Pulse, and EV. Energy, PlugShare, and Pod Point. 

Best EV Charging Apps UK 2023

Best EV Charging Apps UK

For those who prioritize sustainability, Ecotricity and Fastned are EV charging networks that operate on green energy, allowing you to be a fully emission-free driver and reduce your carbon footprint.

The convenience of driving an electric vehicle is hindered by the need to frequently locate and use charging points. As an EV driver, utilizing the best smartphone apps to find nearby charging stations can make the experience much more efficient. 

To aid in this effort, we’ve compiled a list of the top 16 UK EV charging apps to help you save time and easily charge your car.

Best EV Charging Apps UK 2023

Here is the List of the Best EV Charging Apps UK:

  • Bonnet 

Bonnet is our top choice for the best EV charging app available. Unlike other apps that only work with a single charging network, Bonnet provides access to over 17 different networks across Europe. 

This eliminates the need for multiple apps or accounts, making the charging experience more convenient and streamlined. 

Additionally, Bonnet offers the added benefit of saving money on charging costs through pay-as-you-charge options or discounted Refill plans. 

With Bonnet, EV drivers no longer have to search for the cheapest charger or waste time downloading new apps. It’s a must-have for electric car owners and is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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  • PlugShare 

PlugShare is a widely used charging app that helps you locate available charging stations in your vicinity. 

It provides information such as the location of the station, the type of plug, and car models compatible with the charger, and even offers navigation to the chosen station. 

Users can also leave reviews about charging stations and share their experiences, allowing you to avoid low-quality stations and save time. 

Yet, it is important to note that like other charging apps, PlugShare only works with one network, which means that the distance between charging points may be greater than expected.

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  • Pod Point

Pod Point is a widely used EV charging app with over 1,700 public charging slots, many of which are free to use and do not require membership fees. 

The app has partnered with various brands including Lidl and Tesla, and the charging stations are conveniently located. It also provides directions to the selected charge point. However, some users have reported issues with connecting the app to devices.

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  • BP Pulse

BP Pulse is an excellent option for those without home chargers. The app requires a weekly subscription fee that grants access to over 5000 charging points at no additional cost. 

BP Pulse also places a strong emphasis on customer care, making it a reliable choice. It boasts one of the largest networks, increasing the chances of finding a charger near your home and workplace.

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  • EV.Energy

Energy is an app that aims to assist EV drivers in monitoring their battery levels and providing relevant information about their cars. 

It also has an automatic charging feature, which starts charging your vehicle when battery levels are low. Additionally, if you own a Rolec home charging point, EV. Energy can be used to schedule your charging times. 

The app also estimates the time required to fully charge the car and displays the amount of CO2 and energy saved by driving an EV.

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  • Ecotricity 

Ecotricity is a well-known green energy company in the UK, known for sourcing energy from solar panels and wind turbines. 

By using their charging network, EV drivers can become fully emission-free. 

Their charging locations can be found at motorway service stations and they are expanding by installing charging spots on A roads and other locations.

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  • Zap-Map

Zap-Map is an app that helps you locate public charging points, rather than being a network of charging stations. It allows you to set filters like your car model and connector type and guides you to the nearest station. 

However, the app’s interface may feel dated, resulting in a less seamless user experience. Additionally, Zap-Map does not support charging networks, which is a significant drawback.

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  • Chargeplace Scotland

Chargeplace Scotland is a government-run organization that offers a wide range of easily accessible EV charging points across the country. With over 2,000 charge points, users can access them by simply downloading the app and registering. 

However, a major drawback of this app is that users cannot view the map without first registering. 

Furthermore, the accuracy of the map of charge points on the app can be questionable, leading to frustration. Despite these limitations, Chargeplace Scotland remains a reliable and convenient choice for EV drivers looking for charging points in Scotland. 

Additionally, it is also worth noting that government-run organizations such as Chargeplace Scotland are often committed to promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions, making it a socially responsible choice for EV drivers.

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  • Fastned 

Comparable to Ecotricity, Fastned is a fast-charging network that operates on 100% renewable energy. Users have the option of paying as they go, and the app also offers contactless access for added comfort. 

Further, Fastned has Gold membership options that permit users to obtain assorted discounts. However, it’s worth noting that Fastned is slightly more costly compared to other apps. 

Besides, it’s significant to state that Fastned is nowadays mostly located in the North East of England, and is not yet available nationwide. This means that it may not be the best choice for those who travel often or are located in other regions of the country. 

Nevertheless, for those who are in the area and looking for a trustworthy and environmentally friendly charging network, Fastned is an outstanding option.

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  • Gridserve 

Gridserve is a unique EV charging solution that offers a suitable and enjoyable charging experience for EV proprietors. 

With the power to charge up to 24 cars at once and being located in areas with food and shopping choices nearby, it causes waiting for your car to charge less of an annoyance. 

Further, the company’s plan to install high-speed 350kW chargers ensures that EV owners can charge their vehicles quickly and efficiently. 

With the Gridserve, EV owners can enjoy a convenient and enjoyable charging experience.

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There are various EV charging apps accessible in the UK that can cause the experience of owning an electric vehicle more comfortable and more suitable. 

The most famous applications incorporate Bonnet, PlugShare, Pod Point, BP Pulse, and EV.Energy, Ecotricity, Fastned, Gridserve, Instavolt, GeniePoint, Ionity, Zap-Map, Chargeplace Scotland, and Pod Point. 

All of these apps have their own special features and advantages, and it is necessary for EV proprietors to research and pick the app that best suits their requirements and choices. 

Whether you’re searching for a specific charging network, a green energy option, or an application with a user-friendly interface, there’s an app out there that can meet your requirements.

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