Best EV with Third RowAre you willing to replace your regular SUV or family with a practical and weather-friendly car? Finding out the best EV with a third row is not easy and by considering most of the manufacturers have been focused on creating sleep supercars that promise to provide super performance and impressive charge time. 

As all the automakers from all over the world are racing to catch up to Tesla and there is not a huge variety of electric cars available in the market than earlier. The most popular electric vehicles will include compact city cars and also sports cars along with the best acceleration, luxurious interiors and also having capacity of five seats. 

Best EV with Third Row

Best EV with Third Row

If you are searching for an electric SUV which can be able to seat five passengers comfortably then there are lots of family-friendly models which are so good for hauling large groups of people from one place to another without compromising style and functionality. 

With lots more electric vehicles which are projected to run on the roads in the coming years, the number of 7 seater electric SUVs is also expected to increase rapidly. As buying an electric car is not inexpensive.

You also need to keep your budget in mind to streamline your search and to help you to make a proper decision, we come up with the most popular and Best EV with Third Row which you need to consider for your buying. 

Best EV With Third Row – Best 7 Seater Electric Cars to Consider

Electric cars are the best option for the environment and they are also good for your pocket. As these environmentally friendly vehicles are so costly and they also have low maintenance requirements, the cost will also allow you to simply save your money in the long run.

Here, we are sharing the best 7 seater electric cars which you need to know. If you are really looking for the best EV with a third row then simply check out this detailed list with the features. 

  • Tesla Model X

As no one provides electric cars better than tesla so it is not surprising that the 2021 Tesla model X which is the SUV version of model S will be managed by snag to the top spot on this list. This car will be perfect in terms of the interior and finish and it is one of the best 7 seater electric cars in the market along with the practical body and best performance on the road. 


  • It has easy-to-access rear seats along with sufficient legroom. 
  • It provides an innovative infotainment system. 
  • It has stunning acceleration and swift performance. 
  • It offers quick charging time. 
  • It also has a high-performance and high capacity battery. 


  • It has a stark interior. 
  • Also, it is so expensive. 

  • Tesla Model Y

When we talk about the 7 seater electric SUVs then there are lots of options that provide the best performance as compared to the Tesla Model Y. This fully electric vehicle comes up with a spectacular combination of premium luxury and also cutting-edge technology. Also, it is one of the best responses to the growing demand for electric SUVs and hatchbacks and provides comfortable and adjustable seats. 


  • It has an efficient electric powertrain. 
  • It also has larger cargo space. 
  • It comes up with the state of the art technology features. 
  • Also, it has good infotainment options. 
  • It provides the best safety features. 


  • It has a less rigid chassis. 
  • It has a simplistic interior which needs major upgrades. 
  • It is reliant on the touchscreen for simple settings. 

  • Peugeot e-Rifter

If you are searching for an SUV-inspired electric car along with the bells and whistles which will simply allow you to a comfortable and also the family-friendly experience then you need to check out the latest Peugeot e-Rifter which is one of the best 7 seater electric car in the less than the half price of Tesla. Its advanced specs will allow the drivers to simply maximize the range of their vehicles by simply exercising the best control over the energy consumption of the lithium-ion electric car battery. 


  • It has comfortable seating. 
  • It gives a smooth drive and efficient performance. 
  • It has sufficient cargo space. 
  • It is less expensive. 


  • It has a van-like appearance. 
  • It is not as luxurious as most of the other electric cars. 
  • It is a low range and high speed. 

  • Mercedes-Benz EQB

Mercedes-Benz EQB is the pinnacle of modern technology and high comfort and it is an addition to the German brand’s highly successful EQ line. It is the 7 seater SUV which is having a sleek and lustrous exterior that will simply complement the upscale interior which will leave you speechless. It also provides the space for the complete family and also fulfills all your needs at the time of preventing the emission of harmful gasses into the atmosphere. 


  • It will provide the best performance on the road. 
  • It also gives a high-quality driving experience. 
  • It has a seven-seat capacity for a large family. 
  • It also has the top infotainment system. 
  • It offers fast charging time. 


  • Its third row is cramped. 
  • It also offers the short-range as compared to others. 
  • It is a premium-priced SUV. 

Final Verdict

Electric car technology comes up in the long last decade and as these vehicles are considered the thing of the future, the sheer number of electric cars on the road today is a testament to the fact that this is the technology to stay longer. 

As these cars don’t emit harmful gasses from their tailpipes and they also become so popular among those concerned about the inevitable climate crisis. Also, buying an electric car is so cost-effective in the long term which is realized by most people and these vehicles need minimal maintenance. 

If you drive the SUV to simply carry the large nuclear family or the small extended family in the town and replacing the existing vehicle with a completely electric car will be the smart choice.

As there are not as many options available for Best EV with Third Row and some of them will stand out which also include the Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Peugeot e-Rifter, and Mercedes Benz EQB. We hope that this list of the best 7 seater electric cars will be helpful for you to get the best option that suits your budget and also meet up with your requirements.

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