When we talk about the innovations in the automobile industry then BMW is something that always comes first. The German luxury car company comes up with CES 2022 in terms of showcasing the latest technology to the people which will enable the car to simply change the exterior colours in BMW iX Flow with E Ink Technology. It comes up in line with the automaker’s announcement in the year 2021 when they said that it will simply demonstrate the technology which will change the exterior colour of a car by simply using the available touch button. 

BMW Showcase BMW iX Flow A Color Changing EV in CES 2022

BMW iX Flow

BMW also used the all-electric iX to simply debut the innovative paint changing technology. Still, no further details have been revealed about this colour changing technology by the company but they shared a video on Twitter which will show the overall demonstration. 

The video shows that the BMW iX appears in a simple shade of dark gray but it transitions to white suddenly when a man who is standing next to the electric SIV activates the system. Also, this clip shows that the colour changing technology is bizarre so that the viewers can get fooled by thinking that the video is completely fake and a work of CGI. 

One of the Twitter users wrote a caption where he says that the paint of the BMX iS is temperature sensitive and the automaker comes up with a backup vehicle if the iX feature gets too hot or sometimes too cold as well. 

The CES has been dominated by the global technology giants and due to increasing the blend between the automotive and technology sectors, lots of auto and tech companies are getting the chance to simply showcase their E Ink innovation at CES. 

BMW iX Flow

YouTube video
It is still not clear that BMW has intended to provide the colour changing technology at CES 2022 to the customers or it will create it as the technology showcase. Know More About the BMW iX Flow EV on the official press release.

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