Best Electric Motor For Go Kart – Can I use an AC motor? If you also want to know the same then the answer is yes but you can not use an AC motor in a go-kart or DIY electric car. You may also think that you can make it work properly but some people said that it is a bad idea.

I am also one of those people who will chase down the bad ideas in terms to check out what will happen next. 

Best Electric Motor For Go Kart

Best Electric Motor For Go Kart

It will be possible technically and some of the electric cars will use the AC motors but some of them come up with a $10k control system. The main reason behind this is that the AC is different from AC. AC mainly stands for alternating current and it is what comes out of your wall socket.

It is mainly used because it will transmit long distances with better wires and also it will not electrocute the people badly. On the other side, DC stands for the direct current which comes from the battery. It is plain electricity and it is something that you can use for the Best Electric Motor For Go Kart.

Electric Motors for DIY Electric Cars and Go Karts

If you want to be more technical then you need to know that AC is known as alternating due to the polarity reverses. Also, in the AC of your home, it will happen 60 times per second. Also, the AC motor requires this and it is completely possible for people to make the AC out of DC. Lots of people see the inverters which you are able to plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and after this, you can plug it into the laptop, blender, or anything. 

The answer is current and power. For the great electric go-kart, your power demands need to be 1000 watts or above. 1000 Watt inverters are available but they would not work properly due to the surge current. Basically, an electric motor is one of the inductive loads and it is because it needs tons of power to start. Some electric motors need 250 watts to work properly. It may need 1000 or 1500 watts to begin. Your 1000 watts kart motor starts under 5000 watts. Electric go kart motor Price is one of the 5000 watt inverters and you don’t need it at all.

So, to be more clear, you can’t use any of the AC motors in a kart until you need to go no further as compared to the longest extension cord. It means that you don’t need to bother with any of the motors which are marked AC or which will come up with the washing machine, belt sander, or anything which will be plugged into the wall. There are two chances of this which are treadmills or high-power tools. Most of the treadmills will use the 90v DC motor as the treadmill will contain the rectifier which will convert the AC to DC. Loud power tools such as angle grinders and circular saws will use a motor which is known as the universal motor which will operate the AC or DC both power. 

I didn’t use the treadmill or any of the universal motors. Mainly they are made for 90 to 120 volts and they are not extremely powerful. The treadmill motor seems powerful and it is considered that you need to use the seven batteries to get the required voltage and power. It is also the same with the inverter but as like the maker of DIY go-kart, it is not the thing which you want. 

The good news is that there are lots of DC electric motor for go karts available there which are perfect and best for the go-karts. What do you need to look up for the DC go cart electric motors?

Low Voltage: The lower the voltage, the less battery you need to use. Also if the voltage is lower then you can simply be able to overvolt the motor which will provide you the more power. Like, if you use a 24v motor then you will be able to run it on the 36v and use less power.

Also, you can run it on the 48v or 72 v but for a very short time only. The 48v is mainly the limit for the 24v motor as it will put that extra voltage into the electric motor for go kart which causes the extra flow of the current which is where the power takes place. It is the issue as the more current flows, the hotter the motor gets and when it gets too hot then it will burn up and explode automatically.

Basically, the insulation into the electric go kart motors will get rated for a particular life at a very low temperature. In case you double the temperature, then the rains will drop for 1 year. Also, if you really get it really hot then it gets fried in 10 seconds. So, we suggest you do not overheat the motors at all. 

Where Can You Find Best Electric Motor For Go Kart?

The last thing which I want to talk about electric motors is the ratings of their power. There are two major things which you have to know about electric motors. They are rated for the continuous power which means that they can simply make the power for all day, all night, and also till the end of the year. Also, the gas engines will get rated on the instantaneous power which is how much they can produce power for a while. 

The electric motors will generate the maximum torque at the zero RPN. All the power will come up to nearly 5000rpm so you need to wait for the engine to take up speed. After this, you get the power and the electro motor are completely opposite and you will get the acceleration at the beginning and it will taper off linearly when you speed it up. It will be fun to take off the batteries, controller, and also the motor as well and then you can try Best Electric Motor For Go Kart.

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