Electric Car Technician Salary – As with all machines, electric cars need services for which there are electric car mechanics. Apart from traditional cars, electric cars need more technical assistance and if you are up for the job then you can simply be able to train to become an electric car mechanic.

As it is a new concept, lots of people wonder if the training to become an electric car mechanic is feasible.

Electric Car Technician Salary

Electric Car Technician Salary

Here in this guide, we are going to talk about an Electric Car Technician Salary to simply help you to decide if it is a good career to select or not. 

Before we dive into more details, it is required to note that the electric car is unparalleled in the future of the automotive industry. There are lots of automobile companies that are planning to switch to electric models. 

There is likely to be a huge demand for electric car mechanics as well and the EV companies like Tesla need electric car mechanics in this scenario, it seems like a promising career in the present time. EV companies are already facing a shortage of electric car technicians as the high number of all electric cars continues to hit the road. 

Industry experts are also pressing for the training technicians on how to handle the electric vehicle to simply avoid any issues and due to this predicted demand, EV training is now becoming the latest trend. 

What Does an Electric Car Mechanic Do?

Like traditional automotive mechanics, electric car mechanics will also inspect, repair, and maintain electric vehicles. The main difference between traditional car mechanics and electric car mechanics is that they require more technical assistance and they need to know how to handle high-level technology. 

Electric cars will use the integrated and complex electronic system to work and an electric car mechanic needs to be well-acquainted with this as these systems are so critical to the electric vehicle’s functioning. You are also required to be able to deal with traditional hand equipment and tools with several advanced electronic components. 

How to Become an Electric Car Mechanic?

Pursuing a career as an electric car mechanic is viewable for anyone who is willing to secure their future in the automotive industry. Also, if you are willing to become an electric car mechanic then you need to research the position and complete your education and secure the relevant internship, and then simply complete the on-job training. Also, this guide will break it all down for your ease. 

  • Understand the Job Description

When the auto mechanic has been there from the inception of the cars, being an electric car mechanic is one of the new roles. If you are willing to begin a career in the EV industry then you need to do research and also need to understand the position. Also, you need to know what the job entails and what skills you are required to have. Also, it is highly important for you to research the salary of electric car mechanics to simply get to know what you expect to get. 

Knowing this will simply help you to match your financial situation and needs with your average annual Electric Car Technician Salary. Also, it is the major factor that helps you to decide that it is the correct career option for you. 

  • Complete a Degree in Automotive Technology

If you are willing to become an electric vehicle mechanic then you need to complete the relevant programs. For this, you have to select the program in which you are willing to register and then check out the skills which are required for the program and see whether they match your skill set and area of interest or not. 

When you select a particular program then you need to select the electric car in which you are willing to get the certification. Then, you have to proceed to register for the required course here are some of the electric cars and also their specifications to simply help you to make an informed decision. 

  • Hybrid

They will use the electrical power and also the fuel to simply promote great fuel efficiency. 

  • Plug-in Hybrid

You can use more electric flow and also be able to switch to ICE for the motion power. 

  • All Electric

It will rely only on electric power for optimal performance. 

  • Converted Electric

There are the standard cars but they have ICE. They are also upgraded with an electric system. 

  • Get An Internship

Now, you need to simply get an internship at any of the car dealers. Training on the job is mainly considered invaluable and helps you to simply secure well-paying jobs as an electric car mechanic. Companies provide their interns a job with them and there is a higher likelihood of this if you are doing a good job and doing your best as an intern. Completing the internship program will simply boost your portfolio and also provide the work experience that you need. 

It is one of the important steps which you do not need to miss and car dealerships don’t provide jobs to mechanics who are not having any experience. Securing and completing the internship will simply get you noticed and also get you the sweet spot experience that the car dealership and auto repair shops require. 

  • Get ASE Certification

ASE mainly stands for the national institute for automotive service excellence. Also, this organization was established in the year 1972 to test and certify automotive professionals such as electric car mechanics. You will also be able to get the ASE certification after acquiring a degree and completing the internship and getting employment. You may also be able to apply for the ASE certification after completing 2 to 5 years of employment. You will also get this certification after you pass the exam. ASE certification is really important for electric car mechanics as it will help them simply secure a good job with a high salary package. 

What Skills Does An Electric Car Mechanic Need?

As dealing with electric cars is so complicated as compared to dealing with the regular car, you need to have the willingness to learn. There are lots of training programs that mainly provide the mechanics with the required skills which are needed to work and fix electric cars. In terms of becoming an adept electric car mechanic, you are required to have basic mechanical skills. You are required to know how the engine component works and you also need to have good hand-eye coordination and also a certain amount of physical strength as well. 

As with the other service-based jobs, you are required to have the best customer service skills and you are required to have the best attention to detail., You are up to date and it is literally the future of the automotive industry. 

What is Electric Car Mechanic Salary?

If you are willing to pursue a career as a mechanic then you need to know the average salary of the electric car mechanic. In the year 2022, the median salary for electric car mechanics is $78,000 per year which is nearly $37.82 per hour. You need to know that it is the median salary and the entry level salary and the advance level salary will be lower and higher and don’t forget the factor when you are considering it as a career option. 

At the lower end spectrum, you can simply expect to get the median salary of $64,000 annually and at the higher end spectrum, you will be able to get nearly $95,000 per year. Most of electric car mechanics get a commission as per the total cost the customer pays. These rates are mainly linked to the amount of work which is done by mechanics and you will get the commission on top of the fixed Electric Car Technician Salary. 

Average Electric Car Mechanic Salary by State

The average salary of the electric car mechanic will differ by state and you need to consider at the time of dividing whether you are willing to take this as a career or not. 

Highest Paying Cities

Here, we are going to share the list of highest paying cities for electric car mechanics from the high to the low. 

  • San Francisco, CA: $100,142 per year
  • Greenwich, CT: $91,124 per year
  • Washington, DC: $89,400 per year
  • McLean, VA: $86,105 per year
  • Everett, WA: $85,939

Electric Car Mechanic Salary by Year

As per the increased production of electric vehicles, the demand for electric car mechanics has also increased. More and more people are getting this as one of their professions in order to make it big in the automotive industry. Here, we are going to analyze the electric car mechanic salary by year. 

  • 2018: $74,000 per year
  • 2019: $74,000 per year
  • 2020: $73,800 per year
  • 2021: $75,400 per year
  • 2022: $78,700 per year

As you will see, the gradual increase in the salary of electrical car mechanics shows that it is one of the viable professions which will be given to the automotive industry in future. 

Electric Car Technician Salary by Gender and Race

If you are a woman and want to become an electric car mechanic then you will face little difference in salary. Female electric car mechanics will get 97 cents for every $1. The yearly pay for the male electric car mechanic is nearly $75,808 and the average yearly pay for the female electric car mechanism is $73,529. Blacks of African American electric car mechanics will get 92 cents for every $1 which is earned by the Asian electric car mechanics. Asian electric car mechanics will get the highest payment and it is followed by the white electric car mechanics who will get nearly $74,411 per year. 

Hispanic and Latino electric car mechanics will get $73,447 and black and African American electric car mechanics will get a low salary which is nearly $72,000. 

Electric Car Mechanic Salary by Degree

Your education level and degree will also be determined by the salary which you will get as an electric car mechanic. Electric car mechanics will get a higher salary which is nearly $94,402 per year. People who are having a master’s degree will get nearly $87,000 and people who are having a bachelor’s degree will get $75,808 per year. 

How Long Does It Take to Become an Electric Car Mechanic?

The apprenticeship period for electric motor technicians is nearly 4 years which also includes the estimated count of 1560 hours of on-the-job training. After this, you will be able to apply for the certification and start practicing as a professional electric car mechanic. 

Can a Traditional Car Mechanic Work On Electric Cars?

If you think that you don’t need any particular specialization to work on the electric car then you need to read this section. The institute of motor industry has 97% of the auto mechanics who don’t have the expertise to work on electric cars. If you are willing to become an electric car mechanic then you are required to have the relevant specialization and also qualifications as well. 

Who is the Highest Paying Automotive Technician?

If you are willing to become an automotive technician then you can simply expect to make a high salary every year. If you are ambitious and looking at the highest paying automotive technician job which will ensure that you are able to live a financially secure life. 

  • Automotive Master Technician

Automotive master technicians can easily be able to get a salary of around $52,000 on the lower end of the spectrum and also a salary of $71,000 on the higher end of the spectrum. 

  • ASE Certified Technician

An ASE certified technician in the United States can simply be able to expect to get anywhere between $41,500 to $58,000 every year. Also, the job market for the ASE-certified technician is active and you can easily be able to find a well-paying job. 

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Final Verdict

Electric cars are the future and there is a meager chance that learning this skill will become useless and at least for a considerable time. Electric car mechanics will be able to earn a considerable salary and it will keep increasing when they get more experience and move from a small position to a big one.

Selecting to become an EV Mechanix is really simple and doesn’t take enough time. You can also be able to earn ASE certification and increase your chances to get a higher income as an electric car mechanic. 

There are some training programs where you are able to apply and also become a professional electric car mechanic. It is one of the viable choices of careers and is presently more than ever.

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