Top 10 Electric Scooters without License in IndiaDriving an electric scooter in India without a license is permitted under certain conditions. To be eligible, your scooter must have a top speed of 25 kmph or less and a power output of 250 W or less. 

This article highlights the best ten e-scooters that can be driven without a license or registration from the Regional Transport Office. Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Electric Scooters without License in India

Electric Scooters without License in India

List of 10 Electric Scooters without License in India

Five e-scooters from Okinawa in India, three being high-speed and two being low-speed. One of the low-speed scooters, the Okinawa Lite, features a Lithium-Ion battery with a 60km range per charge and a top speed of 25km/hr

It will take around 5 hours to completely charge the battery. The separable battery has a capacity of 1.25kWh and is secured by an anti-theft mechanism. 

The motor is a waterproof BLDC with an extreme power of 250W, and the scooter has a disc brake in the front wheel and a drum brake in the rear. It also possesses an E-ABS system with regenerative braking.

The Okinawa Lite e-scooter comes with various additional features including push-start on/off, battery lock, auto handle lock, remote on function, hazard function, USB port for mobile charging, and push-type pillion footrest. 

The ex-showroom price is 63,990 INR and it comes with a 3-year vehicle warranty, 3-year battery warranty, and 3-year/30,000km (whichever comes first) motor warranty. 

The scooter is available in six different colors: pearl blue, pearl white, sunrise yellow, glossy red, sea green, and metallic orange. It can be ridden without a license in India and can be purchased from an Okinawa dealership located throughout the country. 

More information, including a full list of dealers and specifications, can be found on the Okinawa Scooters website and a test ride can be booked there as well.

  • Hero Electric Optima E2 [Electric Scooters without license in India]

Hero Electric is the best-selling brand of electric scooters in India, delivering five low-speed and six high-speed options. One of its low-speed scooters, the Optima E2, comes in either Lithium-Ion or Lead-Acid versions. 

The Li-Ion option has a 65km range per charge and a best speed of 25km/hr, with a 4-hour full charge time and a 48V/28AH battery capacity. The scooter weighs 68kg and features a 250W BLDC hub motor. It can be purchased for 61,990 INR from one of Hero Electric’s 551 dealerships across the country. 

The Optima E2 is available with a 3-year warranty and is accessible in three colors: Cyan, Matte Red, and Matte Grey. It can be driven without a license or registration in India. During their latest Diwali offer, customers can get up to a 6000 INR discount and a 5000 INR exchange bonus when buying a Hero Electric scooter. 

  • EeVe Xeniaa

Eeve introduced the Xeniaa model In September 2019. It’s a low-speed electric scooter powered by a Li-Ion battery. This e-scooter has a range of 70km per charge and is driven by a 250W Bosch motor. It can have a total load of 140kg.

With a 60V 20Ah Li-Ion battery, it takes 4 hours to completely charge. Both wheels are equipped with disc brakes, and the two tubeless tires are 90/100-10 in size.

Further, it has many suitable features such as a USB port, parking indicator, saddle box, full LED lighting, and keyless entry. The scooter is costed at Rs 73,900.

EeVe dealerships are found in eight states across India, including Odisha, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Jharkhand, Assam, and Maharashtra. 

The scooter can be bought from one of these dealers.

  • Okinawa R30

Okinawa R30 is a low-speed electric scooter from Okinawa, featuring a removable Li-Ion battery. With a range of 60 km per charge and a maximum speed of 25 km/hr, the scooter takes 5 hours to charge its 1.34 kWh battery fully. 

The 250W BLDC motor and drum brakes with regenerative braking provide smooth and efficient operation, while the hydraulic telescopic front suspension and double shocker rear suspension with dual-tube technology ensure a comfortable ride. 

With a loading capacity of 150 kg and a ground clearance of 160mm, the R30 also features a 19-liter storage space. 

Priced at Rs 58,992, it comes with a 3-year vehicle warranty, battery warranty, and motor warranty of 3 years or 30,000 km (whichever comes first). 

Available in 5 colors, pearl white, sunrise yellow, glossy red, sea green, and metallic orange, the R30 can be purchased from an Okinawa dealership near you.

  • EeVe 4U

Eeve introduced the 4U electric scooter in September 2019. As a low-speed e-scooter, it is powered by a Li-Ion battery and does not require a driver’s license. With a range of 70km per charge and a 250W Bosch motor, it has a loading capacity of 140kg. 

The 60V 20Ah Li-Ion battery takes 4 hours to charge and is equipped with disc brakes on both wheels. 

This scooter features a USB port and keyless entry and is available for Rs 70,500 in three different colors. EeVe dealers are found in eight Indian states and can be found for purchase.

  • Ampere Reo Elite [Electric Scooters without license in India]

Ampere has introduced six electric scooters in India, where four are low-speed and two are high-speed. One of the low-speed options is the Reo Elite, which can be driven without a license in India. 

It comes with both Li-Ion and Lead Acid battery options and has a range of 60 km in city conditions and 65 km on highways with the Li-Ion battery. 

The top speed of the Reo Elite is 25 km/h, powered by a 250W BLDC vector sine wave motor, and takes 6 hours to fully charge. It has drum brakes on both wheels, a telescopic front suspension and coil spring rear suspension, and a ground clearance of 130mm. 

The scooter is equipped with a LED digital display and Flexi-grip tubeless tires. It also features a microcontroller-based charger for battery protection and a USB charging port. 

The cost of the Reo Elite is Rs. 59,990 and can be purchased from Ampere dealers nationwide.

AMPERE REO ELITE is accessible in four colors: red, white, blue, and black, and it comes with a two-year battery warranty.

  • Techo Electra Emerge

Emerge is an e-scooter powered by a 60V 30Ah Li-Ion battery, which enables it to reach a top speed of 25km/h. With a fully charged battery, it can travel more than 100km and takes 4 hours to recharge from 0 to 100%. 

It has a 250 Watt peak power motor and features a front disc brake and rear drum brake, both of which are tubeless. The scooter also has a 12 Ltr storage space and a 170mm ground clearance, along with a reverse mode.

In terms of technical specifications, the Emerge has a telescopic front suspension and a dual mono rear suspension and is made of reinforced high-strength steel. 

It is ARAI certified and comes with a central locking system, LED headlights, an LCD digital speedometer, and a USB port for mobile charging. The Emerge can be switched between forward, neutral, and reverse modes.

This electric scooter is available in Red, Yellow, and Black, and costs Rs. 68,106. In India, it can be driven without a license. Techo Electra has dealerships located throughout the country.

  • Benling Icon

The Icon is a low-speed electric scooter that comes in two battery options: Li-Ion and Lead Acid. With a fully charged battery, it has a range of 75 km and a maximum speed of 25 km/h. 

The lead-acid battery takes 9 hours to charge, while the Li-Ion battery takes 4 hours. This e-scooter is powered by a 60V 250W Brushless motor. Some of the amazing features of the Icon have a smart key, push start and stop button, a smart breakdown maintenance system, a smart digital meter, smart parking assistance, an integrated locking system, a regenerative braking system, a mobile charging point, a hazard warning lamp switch, and an anti-theft alarm.

The lead-acid version of the Icon is costed at Rs. 50,960, while the Li-Ion version is costed at Rs. 62,160.

  • Lohia Omastar

Features of Omastar Low-Speed Electric Scooter:
  • Top speed of 25km/h
  • 60 km range per charge
  • 20Ah Li-Ion battery with a charging time of fewer than 3 hours
  • 250W BLDC motor
  • Both wheels are equipped with drum brakes (front brake diameter of 80mm and rear brake diameter of 110mm)
  • The front shock absorber is a Hydraulic Telescopic type and the rear shock absorber is a Hydraulic coil type
  • Kerb weight of 66kg and loading capacity of 130kg
  • Tubular chassis and digital speedometer
  • Length: 1800 mm
  • Width: 660 mm
  • Height: 1030 mm
  • Seat Height: 770 mm
  • Wheel Base: 1280 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 160 mm
  • Turning Radius: 1750 mm
Additional Details:
  • Price: Rs 51,750
  • Available from dealers
  • One-year warranty with 12,000 km
How to Reach Dealers to Book Test Rides:

  • Rowwet Zepop

Zepop is a low-speed electric scooter by Rowwet Mobility. It is available with three different battery options: Lead Acid, Li-Ion, and Click battery with a capacity of 48V 24Ah.

The maximum speed of this e-scooter is 25 km/h, and with a fully charged battery, you can ride it for up to 90 km. The charging time varies based on the battery option:

  • Lead Acid: 7 hours
  • Li-Ion: 3 hours
  • Click: 12 minutes

This scooter is equipped with disc brakes on both wheels and a 250W motor.

Features include a USB charging port, integrated tail lamp, in-design footrest, and a digital meter.

The cost of the Zepop electric scooter is Rs. 60,700 and it is available in two colors: Mythos Black and Brilliant White. Currently, it is only available in Pune. 


So now you have the complete information about the top 10 Electric Scooters without license in India 2023, if you have more options in your city, then let us know in the comment section below.

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