Hero Electric Breaks Sales Records in 2022 – Hero Electric saw record sales in 2022 and experienced over 100% growth.

In Recent year electric vehicles continue to gain popularity in India, One of the Famous Maker Hero Electric, a leading electric two-wheeler manufacturer, achieved its highest-ever annual sales in 2022. It’s noted that company’s sales surged 103.37% to reach 100,123 units in 2022, compared to 49,231 units in 2021.

Hero Electric Breaks Sales Records in 2022

Hero Electric Breaks Sales Records in 2022
Photo Credit: Hero Electric

Hero Electric offers a range of electric scooters, including the Comfort Speed models Eddy and Atria, as well as the City Speed models Photon, Optima, and Nyx. The company also sells the Velocity electric cycle. Over the past decade, Hero Electric has sold more than 600,000 units of electric scooters, and currently has over 850 sales and service outlets across India.

According to Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, the electric vehicle industry is vastly different from the traditional internal combustion engine vehicle industry. He stated that when they first started the business 15 years ago, they had to nurture the electric vehicle category like a delicate sapling and protect it from negative campaigns from other businesses that felt threatened by the rapid growth of electric vehicles. In 2022, Gill mentioned that there was a “carpet bombing” of malicious campaigns targeting top electric two-wheeler companies, including Hero Electric, that were sent to various government ministries and media outlets.

According to Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, the company faced challenges in 2022 when faceless Swiss-based individuals targeted 12 electric vehicle players with negative campaigns, leaving only legacy players unaffected. These efforts were able to reduce Hero Electric’s planned sales by half, but the company was still able to maintain its market leadership position. Gill expressed appreciation for the team’s determination and grit in achieving a historic high in sales despite these extraneous factors and thanked the company’s network, suppliers, and partners for their support.

Hero Electric has announced his latest plans to establish a new manufacturing plant in Salarpur, Rajasthan. The facility, which will cover 170 acres land, is expected to have an annual production capacity of 2 million units.

Hero Electric already operates a manufacturing facility in Ludhiana, Punjab, with an annual production capacity of 1 Lakh units. In July, the company began construction on a second plant in Ludhiana, which is expected to have a production capacity of 2 lakh units per year.

1. Hero Eddy
2. Hero Electric Photon LP
3. Hero Electric Optima CX – Dual Battery
4. Hero Electric Optima CX – Single Battery
5. Hero Electric NYX HS500 ER
6. Hero Electric NYX E5
7. Hero Electric Atria LX

Source: MSN

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