Honda Activa Electric Scooter Price, Launch Date, Features, Design, Battery Capacity – As the rising of electrified two-wheeled mobility solutions in India heightens, multiple corporations have taken notice and begun to release their own offerings in the country. 

Soon, the iconic Honda brand will enter the fray with its highly-anticipated honda activa electric scooter based on the renowned design of the Activa series.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter

Honda Activa Electric Scooter

The Indian electric two-wheeler industry is experiencing a significant upsurge in consumer demand and engagement, catalyzing a plethora of corporations to introduce their electric scooters to the Indian market.

As a major player in the two-wheeler market, Honda is poised to join the competition by unveiling its electric scooter, designed based on the iconic Activa series.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Price, Launch Date, Features, Design, Battery Capacity

  • Honda Activa Electric Scooter Design

The Honda Activa Electric scooter exudes a sleek and contemporary appearance, with its body-mounted headlight and front turn indicator, complemented by a retro-style tail light and rear turn indicator. 

Its single-seat design, alloy wheels, and rear carrier imbue the scooter with a fashionable allure, although the Indian market variant may flaunt a long seat on the rear carrier.

  • Honda Activa Electric Features

Beyond its attractive design, the Honda Activa Electric scooter is equipped with a digital instrument cluster and connectivity features. 

The scooter body is predominantly constructed of plastic, yet it retains its structural robustness.

  • Honda Activa Electric Braking

In terms of braking, the Honda Activa Electric scooter is fitted with drum brakes and boasts a suspension system consisting of two telescopic forks in the front and a single-string suspension at the rear. 

  • Honda Activa Electric Battery

The scooter is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, which can be fully charged in just three hours, providing a driving range of 86 km. 

With a top speed of 50 kmph and the unique feature of two swipeable electric batteries, the battery can be effortlessly recharged by removing it from the scooter.

  • Honda Activa Electric Price and Launch Date

The estimated launch date of the Honda Activa Electric scooter is by the end of this year’s festive season, with an expected Honda Activa Electric Scooter Price of around 1 lakh rupees. 

The advent of the Honda Activa Electric scooter is eagerly awaited, especially given the widespread popularity of the Activa series in the Indian market. 

With its stylish design, advanced features, and budget-friendly pricing, the scooter is poised to be a hit among eco-conscious consumers seeking a convenient mode of transportation.

About Honda Company:

Honda, a Japanese conglomerate that has been defining the transportation landscape for decades, boasts a storied history of producing innovative and high-quality automobiles and motorcycles.

Born in 1948 under the visionary leadership of Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, the company’s headquarters sits at the heart of the bustling metropolis of Minato, Tokyo.

Over the years, Honda has firmly established its reputation as a leader in delivering cutting-edge, top-performing products. The company emerged as the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world in the 1960s and later made a seamless transition into the highly competitive automobile market.

Today, Honda’s status as a leading automobile manufacturer is cemented by its sought-after models such as the Civic, Accord, and CR-V.

Not just content with delivering world-class products, Honda is at the forefront of environmental sustainability and alternative fuel vehicle development. The company’s foray into hybrid technology began in 1999 with the introduction of its first hybrid car, the Insight, and has continued to push the boundaries of hybrid and electric vehicles ever since.

Honda’s commitment to safety is evident in the high safety ratings awarded to its vehicles by esteemed organizations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Honda’s reach extends beyond automobiles, encompassing a wide range of products including power products like generators, marine engines, personal watercraft, and aircraft engines. The company’s expertise in robotics has also led to the development of advanced robotic systems for both industrial and personal use.

Honda’s global footprint stretches to over 150 countries, with manufacturing facilities and research and development centers located worldwide. The company’s talented and diverse workforce of over 180,000 employees is a testament to its continued success.

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Honda’s operations, as evidenced by initiatives such as the Honda Foundation, which provides funding for education and environmental projects, and the Honda Volunteer Association, which organizes volunteer activities for Honda employees.

Honda’s rich history, combined with its unwavering dedication to innovation, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility, places it at the forefront of global corporations and positions it for continued success for years to come.


In conclusion, the Indian electric two-wheeler market is rapidly expanding, and the launch of the Honda Activa Electric scooter will contribute to the intensifying competition and offer consumers another noteworthy option. 

With a growing emphasis on environmental conservation and the need for more efficient transportation, it is exciting to observe corporations like Honda investing in sustainable electric mobility solutions.

Featuring a cutting-edge electric motor, this scooter promises zero-emissions mobility, while its lightweight and compact design, with a focus on maneuverability, has caused action among commuters.

With its durable battery, the Honda Activa Electric Scooter offers a dedicated performance that lowers the requirement for regular charging.

The introduction of the Honda Activa Electric Scooter marks a seminal moment in Honda’s legacy, as well as the history of the electric scooter market. With its unique combination of technology, design, and performance, this scooter is poised to become a famous option among those pursuing an endurable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

In conclusion, the Honda Activa Electric Scooter has produced huge interest and promotion in the transportation industry. Its assortment of advanced features and useful design make it an eagerly awaited product that is expected to disrupt the electric scooter market and provide a suitable, eco-friendly mode of transportation to riders everyplace.

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