How Long Do Tesla Tires Last – There is no secret that electric cars are so heavy and expensive as compared to regular gas powered cars. As a result, there are some of the components which are designed to become more durable and also have a high price.

As with that, Tesla electric vehicle tires are mainly designed to have the best strength and durability to carry the heavy electric vehicle weight and also have the best efficiency.

How Long Do Tesla Tires Last?

How Long Do Tesla Tires Last

They are of high quality which will make them more expensive compared to other automobile tires. 

How Much Do Tesla Electric Car Tires Cost On An Average?

The different Tesla electric vehicle models are having different tire sizes and purchase prices and also their average cost of repair may vary on the model. Most of the Tesla electric vehicle tires will cost you nearly 285 USD to 300 USD per tire and if you want to buy four new tires then you may need to pay around 1140 USD to 1200 USD. 

The purchase price is not the only amount that you need to consider at the time of buying the tires as the average labor and the tire installment cost will also get added which is around 140 USD to 150 USD in the total bill. The high price will make these tires so expensive as compared to the battery of tesla electric cars as they can’t last as long as the battery and they need high frequent repair or frequent replacement as well. 

The average purchase price and also the repair cost of the latest Tesla electric car tire may vary regionally in the world and within the different American states as well. The countries with enough showrooms which are selling or dealing with the Tesla electric car components will be able to sell the cheaper tires as compared to the regions which are having less tesla electric car component selling outlets. 

Because of the high demand and shortage of supply, the price of the Tesla electric car tires will go up and if a showroom will import a pair of tesla electric car tires then the price will simply go high due to the import duty tax. In countries like the US and China, where the Tesla electric car components are locally manufactured and a new set of tires will cost you quite less. 

The average cost of labor and also fixed taxes may vary globally and in America as well. As a result, countries with cheaper labor like India, are having lower replacement cost as compared to European countries where the average labor cost is high. 

How Much Does The Tires of a Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Cost on Average?

The Tesla Model 3 is a small and compact sedan and it is also Tesla’s cheapest electric car model as well. Because of its compact body and size, its weight is quite less compared to the Tesla electric car.

As a result, the tires of Tesla Model 3 electric cars are quite cheap compared to the tires of other models. The price of the new tesla model 3 tire will cost you 285 USD per tire and if you make a set of 4 tires then you have to pay 1140 USD. After including the average labor cost and taxes, the cost of the tesla model 3 tire will be 1358 USD. 

Why Are Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Tires So Expensive?

The purchase of the new tesla model 3 electric car will come with the four Michelin primacy MXM4 tires these tires are mainly mounted on the 20 inches wheels and they are designed to carry the weight of an electric car vehicle at the high speed and also they are meant to last long. 

The MXM4 tires are mainly produced for premium sedans and they can gets used on smaller SUVs. The asymmetric pattern and also the zig-zag grooves of the tire’s tread design will provide great lateral stability and best traction and be enhanced the road contact as well. 

How to Make Your Tesla Electric Car Tires Last Longer

In terms of avoiding the high cost of early tire replacement and also repairs, you are required to follow the guide we are sharing below. 

  • You must check out the pressure of all the tires before you hit the road for a long ride. 
  • Make sure to refrain from delaying repairs and make the visit to the automobile workshop quickly when you sense any issues in the tires. 
  • You must need to spare a tire in your trunk at the time of traveling the long route. Doing this, it will simply prevent you from driving on a damaged or punctured tire. 
  • You have to reduce the unnecessary weight of the electric card as the excessive weight will make your tire depreciate quickly and it may lead you to get a tire repaired or you have to pay the replacement cost as well. 
  • You have to allow the tires time to cool down at the time of traveling in scorching weather. 
  • Refrain from bringing the electric car to an immediate halt after being at the high speed. 
  • Also, refrain from unnecessarily driving your Tesla car in rough areas. 
  • You have to simply try to go at a controlled speed and also accelerate constantly as often as you can. 

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Final Verdict

The tires of Tesla electric cars may be as expensive compared to the other car tires on the market.

Their performance and quality will make them costly and worth as well and the proper care of the tire and maintenance of the tire on time will simply help your car tire to last long.

So, we hope that you understand why Tesla electric car tires are more expensive. If you get the proper answer then do share this article on “How Long Do Tesla Tires Last” with other people so that they can also benefit from this article.

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