How to Charge Ather 450x at Home – Owning an electric scooter raises the question of how to charge it, with limited options available. If you don’t have access to a charging station, you’ll have to charge it at home overnight. 

This isn’t an issue for most electric vehicles as home charging points are common, but can be a problem for those living in apartments. To address this, Ather Energy has developed two types of home EV charging points: the Portable Charger and the Dot Charger.

It’s important to understand the differences between these two options before discussing how to charge Ather 450X at Home with Ather Dot Charger.

How to Charge Ather 450x at Home?

How to Charge Ather 450x at Home

What is a Portable Charger?

For those without a designated parking spot or who travel long distances, finding a charging grid to use a portable charger can be a challenge. 

However, the advantage of a portable charger is its portability, allowing it to be carried anywhere and charged by simply connecting it to a wall outlet at home.

How to Charge Ather 450X Electric Scooter at Home Using an Ather Energy Portable Charger?

Steps to Charge the Ather 450X with a Portable Charger:

  1. Obtain the converter and scooter connector.
  2. Connect the portable charger to the wall outlet.
  3. Turn off the scooter’s motor and insert the connector into the scooter port.
  4. Turn on the socket switch, and wait for the charger adaptor’s red light to start blinking.
  5. The portable charger will take 3 hours and 35 minutes to charge from 0 to 80%, and 5 hours and 35 minutes to fully charge.

What is a Dot Charger?

The Ather Dot Charger is ideal for urban travelers who require a range of 80-100km and is designed for overnight charging. 

It is not a fast charger, and its purpose is to provide a full charge while you sleep. It is specifically designed for one scooter and cannot be used to charge other Ather scooters. Installation by a professional electrician is required and the cost is ₹1800 plus GST you can follow this official dot charger PDF from Ather Energy.

How to Charge the Ather 450X at Home using a Dot Charger?

Following these steps, you can charge your Ather scooter at home.

  1. You will get a 3-year warranty on the Ather Dot Charger.
  2. You need to Get the PRCD plug (Portable Residual Current Device) along with the Ather Dot Charger. 
  3. You have to Insert the charger plug into the switchboard and turn the switch on, causing the adaptor to show a red light.
  4. You need to Plug in the scooter, and the charger will show a green light, representing that it is ready to charge and that the charger is working appropriately.
  5. The green light will begin to blink, indicating that charging has started. The charging time is around 50 hours and 35 minutes to completely charge.

Official Video to Charge Ather with Dot Charger:

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