How to Charge Electric Car at Apartment – As you know, electric vehicles which are also known as EVs are now becoming the major car option. You can be able to own an EV and also be a renter even if your apartment does not have a particular charging station. You can be able to get the creatine along with how you change your electric car and you can be able to save time, energy, and money as well. 

Plugging a car in a socket to charge it apart from filling it up with gas is really a sci-fi fantasy at the time. Now, electric vehicles, or Evs are becoming so popular. From Nissan to BMW to Tesla, you will be able to see all the major car manufacturers who are creating fully electric vehicles. 

How to Charge Electric Car at Apartment?

How to Charge Electric Car at Apartment

If you are following the trend and considering buying an EV then it is really great. You are required to consider how and where to charge it if you are an apartment dweller. Your apartment is having electric car charging so you don’t worry. Here, we are going to share some of the methods to fully charge your car at your apartment with or without EV charging on the site. 

Apartment Electric Car Charging

It is a little bit tough to have an electric car if your apartment is not providing EV charging and it is not impossible. With creative thinking, you can be able to provide your car a jolt of energy and also be off cruising in no time. 

Find a Supercharging Station Located Near You

When your apartment does not have the option to charge an electric car then you are required to find a car charging station in your area. For this, you have to simply download the apps like PlugShare or OpenChargeMap where you can be able to type your location and find out some of the supercharging stations near your area. 

It is one of the best options so you can easily find several EV charging stations near your apartment. You can also be able to plug in your car to simply charge when you are at the grocery shop or even when you are running errands or you are at the gym. 

Charge at Your Office

If you still commute to the office and work from home solely then you will be able to charge your car at your office. There are lots of companies that are installing EV charging stations for their employees. So you can be able to drive to work, charge during the 9 to 5, and then simply leave your work with the fully charged vehicle. 

Run a Heavy Duty Extension Cord from Your Apartment to Your Car

If you are not having an electric car charging option at your apartment then you may be able to create a makeshift charging station by simply buying a heavy-duty extension and also snaking it from your apartment to the car. It is not a good option as you can’t have enough voltage for the full charge. If you are in a pinch then this can work easily. 

Look for Apartments With EV Charging

If you are presently leasing or having an electric vehicle and you are searching for a new place to rent then it is really good to search for an apartment with an EV charging station which is already included. It will also save you time and energy as you will be able to plug your car in to simply charge at your particular parking place. 

When you are searching for apartments with specific amenities then you can be able to use a search finder tool to simply narrow your search and find out the best place for you. You have to put in the features which you are looking for like the two bedrooms, on-site gym, swimming pool, or the apartment electric car charging and you will be able to get a complete list of the available rentals tailored as per your needs. 

Ask Your Landlord to Install An EV Charging Station

The green movement and the electric vehicle are the major trends to stay. Landlords will begin installing the apartment EV charging station on their properties and some of them have already done this and as the tenant, you can be able to push for this and simply ask your landlord to consider to simply install an apartment electric car charging station, 

There are some the companies like ChargePoint which will simply work with the property owners to install EV charging stations at their place. It seems like a big task to get your landlord to install an EV charging station but it also benefits the tenant and the landlord for a long time. You can be able to satisfy the tenant and it will also make the property more appealing for future renters. 

Go Green At Your Apartment

As electric vehicles will increase and get more popular, you will be able to start to see lots of rental complexes which will provide apartment electric car charging stations as an amenity. It will become so common and you will still be able to go green, drive an EV and also rent an apartment with EV charging options. 

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