How to Charge Electric Car at Home Without Garage – When we talk about electric vehicle charging solutions then the same technology will get used for the commercial charging stations which apply for home use.

It means that having a garage is really nice and you can be able to charge your electric car without having a garage even if you are living in a climate with warm or cold weather.

How to Charge Electric Car at Home Without Garage?

How to Charge Electric Car at Home Without Garage

It depends upon the solution which you are willing to use and you have to hire an electrician to make sure your outdoor setup is safe and secure. 

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How a NEMA 4 Rating Impacts Outdoor Charging

At the time of installing an outdoor chagrin station, there are some criteria that you need to consider. The gold standard to know if you can have a chagrin station for your electric car without the garage is your charge is having a NEMA 4 rating.

It was formed nearly a century ago and NEMA mainly sets the standard for companies to produce electrical products and wiring and equipment. 

EvoCharge’s Level 2 charges are the NEMA 4 rates which means that they will meet up with the particular criteria for outdoor charging. 

  • It will provide you the protection for the personnel against the access of hazardous parts. 
  • It provides protection for the internal equipment against solid foreign objects which are mainly found outside like dirt and windblown dust. 
  • It gives protection for the charger’s internal equipment against rain, sleet, snow, splashing water, and also the hose-directed water. 
  • It will also provide protection against the external formation of the ice on the exclosure. 

It means that to explore the extreme temperature and the range of the challenges by nature, Evocharge mainly offers chagrin solutions that provide the best protection from the elements. By having the NEMA 4 rating EVSE and IEVE home chargers will work normally with the -22F to 122 F.

Exposure to temperatures outside of the certified range will decrease the functionality of the product. 

Other Considerations for Outdoor EV Charging

If you want to charge your electric car without a garage then you need to try to set up your charge in a spot that provides some insulation and also the procession from the elements against the home’s siding and near a shed or the shady place if you are living into a hot weather climate. Isolating your charger from the bad weather and the extreme temperature will go a long way to keep your EV charger running in the best manner. 

If you are using the EVSE or iEVSE home outdoors then your charge will be required to plug in a 240v outlet. We suggest you hire a certified electrician to hardwire the unit with the water-tight conduit as 240v plugs are not waterproof.

You need to know that the iEVSE home is one of the best chagrin solutions which will run on the app. If you are not having decent Wi-Fi near your charging place then the EVSE is one of the simple plug-and-use systems which does not need Wi-Fi. Both the chargers will come up with the 18 or 25 feet cable and provide you with lots of lengths to simply reach your electric vehicle. 

Use the EVSE or iEVSE Home for Charging An Electric Car Without a Garage

With the help of the NEMA 4-rated charger and mitigating the weather and the climate conditions at your home, you can take advantage of charging your EV at home outdoors like those who will charge in a garage. If you are willing to know more about it then you can connect with us easily. 

Final Verdict

So, these are all the details and methods about How to Charge Electric Car at Home Without Garage. If this article is helpful for you and helps you to understand all the possible methods then do share this article with others so that they can also benefit from this article.

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