Increase your Electric Scooters Battery LifeTaking care of your electric scooter battery is essential for getting the maximum performance. Battery in electric scooter play very important role and also backbone of all electric vehicle.

It’s not about the battery power your electric scooter but it also plays a big role in determining its safety, speed and distance capabilities. It’s important to make sure you’re properly maintaining your battery to keep your electric scooter running smoothly. Buy Electric Scooter Battery

Tips To Increase the Battery Life of your Electric Scooters

Increase Electric Scooter Battery Life
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Normally all electric scooter batteries come with a warranty of around one or two years. But the actual lifespan of the battery can vary depending on how you use it and maintain it. Trust me, if you maintain your electric scooter battery properly, you never face any trouble regarding performance. If you’re looking to extend the life of your electric scooter battery. Here are the few tips to keep in mind. These can help you get more miles out of your electric scooter.

1. Always Keep Your Electric Scooter Battery Charged

Many electric scooter riders don’t completely drain their electric scooter battery in single trip. But it is always good practice to charge it up after each ride, especially when you’re back home from work.

It’s best to avoid running the battery all the way down and try to keep it at least 30% charged.

By charging your electric scooter battery daily and not letting it down at a low charge for too long, by this way you can help prolong its life.

2. Always Charge electric Scooter Battery at Correct Time

If you’ve just taken a short ride on your electric scooter, you can charge the battery right away. But if you’ve been on a longer ride, it is best practice to wait 30 minutes for the battery to cool down before plugging it in to charger.

Do not let your electric scooter battery down in a discharged state for too long period, charge it as soon as you have the chance to do so. Battery in discharged state for longer state reduce performance.

3. Always Use Company provided Charger 

It’s always important to use the company provided charger because charger that came with your electric scooter has quality, made to charge specific battery configuration¬† and never do potential damage. A charger is often a cheaper component but don’t take risk of charging battery by using another charger.

Using other chargers that you may find in the market attracts you because of low price and low quality. But Its is obvious that may not meet the standards that are set for your electric scooter. Charger with different specification also charge your battery in same way but in longer time period it’s always harm.

 4. Charge Your Electric Scooter before you placed idle

Remember to keep your electric scooter’s battery charged at around 40-50% if you’re planning on storing it for an extended period or you are leaving your electric scooter idle in your garage.

Additionally, to prolong the battery’s life, it’s recommended to charge it every 30 days. Neglecting to do so and leaving the scooter uncharged for 3 months or more can cause damage to the battery.

5. Pay attention according to the weather

Weather also has a special effect on EV batteries. That’s why keep it neither in a very hot place nor in a very cold place. Even keeping it in a very hot place, there is a chance of short circuit in it and the battery gets discharged quickly in a cold place. So avoid doing this.

6. Do not park in hot sun

Avoid parking your electric scooter in the hot sun and in hot temperature. If you park electric scooter it in the sun light, there is a possibility of a spark due to the battery heating up because sunlight increase the cabinet and battery temperature. That’s why you should avoid doing this to increase battery life.

7. Don’t overload

It is often seen that three or four people are sitting on an electric scooter, that is not good practice and violating traffic rules as well. Avoid doing this as well. Overloading drastically reduces battery life and makes a huge difference in range and speed. Apart from this, the battery also gets discharged very quickly. That’s why don’t do overloading on EV or let it happen.

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