Is Ather Better Than OLA – Choosing between the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450x Gen3: As two leading EV offerings from Ather and Ola, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Here’s a comparison of everything you need to know about both options.

With India entering the electric vehicle market, especially in the two-wheeler category, there are two prominent players, Ather and Ola, competing for dominance in this growing market.

The dilemma of which EV scooter to choose can be overwhelming. Should you go for the flashy and cutting-edge Ola S1 Pro or the new Ather 450X Gen3, which has a more traditional design like a conventional internal combustion scooter?

Is Ather Better Than OLA?

Is Ather Better Than OLA

Ather 450X Vs. OLA S1 Pro

  • Range

The range is a critical factor in EV technology and both Ather and Ola have made claims about the range of their scooters. 

Ather claims that its scooter can travel 105 km or more on a single charge in ride mode, while Ola S1 Pro Mileage Per Charge is 135 km in normal mode.

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  • Battery Charging Time

 The Ola scooter takes an extra 1.5 hours, taking 7 hours to completely charge from zero. 

another factor to consider is the charging time of the battery. Meanwhile, The Ather 450X takes around 5 and a half hours to completely charge, based on our knowledge.

  • Navigation

Let us now talk about navigation. Can’t actually pull your phones out while moving through the city, can you? Both scooters come with a built-in GPS. The Ather scooter is powered by Google Maps while Ola is powered by MapMyIndia.

We manage to choose Google Maps over MapMyIndia because they are more instinctive and have nice prompts, and the range that Google offers is outstanding. 

  • Other features

Both scooters come equipped with digital odometers, touchscreen displays, reverse mode, mobile connectivity, and similar features. 

Yet, the Ola S1 Pro model offers additional features such as USB charging, built-in speakers and voice prompt, and music capability. 

It also has futuristic features like an entertainment hub on the display screen, cruise control, keyless driving via password, and a superior driving experience on inclines, thanks to its smooth suspension.

Charging Station Network of Ather Energy vs OLA

Ather has a charging station network of 400 locations nationwide, while Ola’s charging station network is yet under development.

Accessories Availability Ola Vs Ather:

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Final Verdict:

If you are considering switching from a traditional internal combustion scooter to an electric vehicle, the Ather 450x Gen3 might be the ideal choice

Its ride experience closely resembles that of an ICE scooter, making it a seamless transition for current riders. On the other hand, the Ola S1 Pro offers a cutting-edge, fully digital ride experience with advanced features like keyless password driving and cruise control. 

Nevertheless, the fully digital setup may have some glitches that could negatively impact your ride experience. So, embrace the electric vehicle revolution and enjoy the ride.

We hope now you know Is Ather Better Than OLA or not.

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