Mihos Electric Scooter : Today we are going to tell you about such an electric scooter which you can book for free. We are talking about Joy E-Bike’s Mihos Electric Scooter which has been launched at Auto Expo 2023. The range and price of this electric scooter are also great.

Book for Free! Mihos Electric Scooter Best in features with 100Km range

mihos electric scooter

How to book Electric Scooter?

This electric scooter has been launched in the EV market by a company called Joy E-Bike. A special offer is being given by the company, in which customers can book this electric scooter for free. Customers can book this electric scooter from the official site of this company. Apart from this, bookings can also be done through more than 600 dealerships across the country.

Mihos Electric Scooter: Price

Let us tell you that from January 22, 2023, the company will start booking for this. Apart from this, the company is claiming that its delivery will be started from the month of March. The company has kept the initial price of this electric scooter at Rs 1.49 lakh. However, this displayed price will be available only to the first 5000 customers (** it’s not confirmed yet). Also read: Most Affordable Electric Scooters in India 2023

Redefined Body Structure

The company has made this electric scooter unique design and body very strong. Polydicyclo pentadiene (PDCPD) has been used in the construction of the body of this scooter, which makes it very strong.

Fabulous Specification

A Li-Ion battery pack with a capacity of 2.5 kWh has been used in this electric scooter. The company claims that this scooter gives a driving range of up to 100 kilometers in a single charge. Along with this, a 1500W electric motor has been added to it which can generate torque of 95 Nm. The top speed is 70 kmph and it takes just 4 hours to get fully charged.

Better Security Features

Set up a geographic boundary for your electric scooter travels, known as a Geo-fence, and receive notifications if it goes beyond that specific area. Keep track of your electric scooter travel history by using the Joy e-connect app, Calculate average and check other details as well. Joy e- connect app allows you to view all the locations your electric scooter has been.

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