The Indian electric vehicle market is witnessing a surge in the adoption of electric vehicles, as more and more startups vie for a slice of the pie.

One such company, Motion Automotive, founded in 2018 by the visionary Tomar brothers – Anantraj and Shivrajsinh – in the bustling city of Vadodara, Gujarat, is poised to make a big splash.

Motion Breeze Electric Bike Price, Range, & Launch

Motion Breeze Electric Bike

The buzz surrounding Motion Automotive’s initial offering, the highly anticipated Motion Breeze Electric Bike, is palpable, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward revolutionizing the Indian transportation landscape.

Motion Breeze India’s First Adaptive Electric Motorcycle with 400KM Range

The Motion Breeze Electric Motorcycle is an unparalleled electric bike that boasts posture-adaptable intelligence features, elevating it above its competitors. 

This marvel of engineering was unveiled to the world on the widely-watched Indian TV show Shark Tank India, season 1 episode 8, where the founder and company left a lasting impression on the sharks with their pitch, earning resounding praise, securing investment through a deal for 6% equity, and leaving with newfound popularity.

The driving force behind Motion Automotive, the company behind the Motion Breeze, is to harmoniously blend nature and technology and bring to market three affordable electric motorcycles, each at the same price point. 

With an ambitious goal of selling 100,000 units within 5 years, each unit priced at 2.5 lahks, the company aims to generate a staggering revenue of Rs. 4375 Cr. 

This visionary approach to sustainable transportation has the potential to forever change the landscape of the Indian transportation industry.

Motion Breeze Electric Motorcycle Specifications:

Motor Capacity 40kW
Battery Type Swappable Battery
Modes Four Modes
Range 100, 250, and 400 km
Top Speed 180kmph
Price Rs 1.5 to 3.5 lakh

Motion Breeze Electric Motorcycle Features:

  • The Motion Breeze Electromotive Cycle – A Masterpiece of Engineering, Built for a Seamless and Efficient Journey.
  • Equipped with the Revolutionary Posture-Adaptive Intelligence, it Transforms the Concept of Comfort and Control.
  • Four Metamorphic Modes, Customizable for an Unmatched Riding Experience.
  • Embodying a Mighty Power Unit and an Energy Source of Uncompromising Quality.
  • Awe-Inspiring Reach and Lightning-Fast Velocity, Propelling the Rider to Their Destination with Ease.

Posture Adaptable Intelligence Features:

  • The Motion Breeze Electromotive Cycle – A Paragon of Personal Mobility, Raising the Bar for Unmatched Comfort and Convenience
  • Incorporating the Pinnacle of Posture-Adaptive Intelligence, Customizing Every Aspect of the Ride to the Rider’s Unique Needs
  • A Marvel of Ergonomic Design, Bestowing Abundant Space for Convenient Stowage of Crucial Accoutrements
  • A Visionary Creation, Ideal for the Discerning Individual in Search of Effortless and Comfortable Transportation.

Motion Breeze Electric Bike Riding Modes:

  • The Motion Breeze Electromotive Cycle – A Paragon of Versatility, Offering the Rider Unrestricted Choices in Riding Modes
  • With the Touch of a Button, Transform the Bike into a Sports Marvel, a Commuting Connoisseur, a Cruiser of Comfort, or a Scrambler of Sportiness
  • In Cruiser Mode, Recline in a Position of Ease, with a Forward-Positioned Footrest, Elevated Handlebars, and an Optimized Seat for Supreme Comfort
  • In Sports Mode, Unleash Your Inner Racer, with a Rear-Set Footrest, Lowered Handlebars, and an Adjustable Seat Height, Tailored to Your Preference
  • The Motion Breeze Electric Motorcycle, an Essential Possession for Every Enthusiast of Two-Wheelers.

Motion Breeze Electric Bike Motor, Range Per Charge, and Top Speed 

The Motion Breeze Electro-Cycle – A Fusion of Mighty Power and Effortless Convenience.

  • Armed with a 40kW Motor and a Swappable Energy Cell, Effortlessly Rechargeable in a Span Ranging from 1 to 3 Hours.
  • In India, Motion Breeze Electric Bike Range Per Charge is 100 km to 250 km to a Staggering 400 km, Offering Limitless Possibilities for Adventure.
  • With a Motion Breeze Single Charge Range Surpassing 250 km, The Horizons of Your Journey is Limitless.
  • Blazing Across the Land at a Top Speed of 180 km/h, Accelerating from Standstill to 100 km/h in a Mere 6 Seconds, Transforming Mobility into a Lightning-Fast Experience.

Motion Breeze Electric Bike Price & Launch Date

The Unveiling of the Motion Breeze Intelligence Scooter – A Moment of Anticipation and Curiosity.

The Company has Yet to Disclose the Launch Date to the Public, However, Rumors and Predictions Suggest a 2023 Release.

In Terms of Remuneration, The Company Hints at a Cost that May Lie Between 1.5 to 3.5 Lakh Rupees – A Price to Pay for the Future of Mobility.

Operating Expenses

The Price of Progress – 140 Rupees to Power Your Journey with the Motion Breeze Electric Bike.

A Full Charge Propelling You Forward with a Range of 250 km, An Investment in Effortless Mobility.

The Annual Cost of Maintenance, Estimated at 7200 Rupees, Paired with the Recharge Price, Sums Up to an Economical 8000 Rupees Per Annum – A Wise Investment in Your Future.

Motion Breeze Electric Bike on Shark Tank India

YouTube video

Top Competitors of Motion Breeze Electric Bike

Revolutionizing the Electric Motorcycle Landscape, the Motion Breeze Emerges as a Contender Among the Elite: 

  • Ultraviolette
  • Revolt
  • Ather
  • Tork, 
  • and Okinawa

Secrets Unveiled, The Motion Breeze Holds a Mystery Yet to be Discovered, Be on the Lookout, Stay Tuned.

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What is the Motion Breeze Electric Bike Share Price?

As the need for endurable transportation continues to grow, the Motion Breeze Company is poised to grab a larger slice of the market. 

Now, boasting a market share of 175,000 units, the company has fixed its sights on a more enterprising target of 3.5 million units by the year 2024.

What is the Cost of the Motion Breeze Electric Bike in India?

The Motion Breeze model is making waves with its cutting-edge design and affordability in the world of electric bikes. 

With a projected price range of between 1.5 to 3.5 lakh rupees, the Motion Breeze Electric Bike is poised to disrupt the transportation industry in India and beyond.

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