Nahak motors is a Kolkata based electric two wheeler manufacturer and also one of the 3 wheeler manufacturers.

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Nahak Motors Nahak Electric Bike P-14 Specifications, Features

Nahak Motors Nahak Electric Bike P-14

Nahak launched lots of electric rickshaw and also the electric scooter in the market and the P-14 is one of the best electric sport motorcycles from the nahak motors. In some of the high-end electric motorcycles along with edge-cutting design and the super-efficient specification.

The P-14 mainly has lots of awesome features and also it gives the seating comfort as well. It doesn’t fall into the competitive range of motorcycles and after the launch, it also competes with the promising brands such as Emflux, Ultraviolet, and Orxa Mantis as well. 

Nahak P-14 Specifications

  • Range: 150-180Kms
  • Top Speed: 120km/h
  • Electricity Units Consumption: 2.4kWh
  • Motor Power: 5kW
  • Battery Specification: 3kWh Li-ion Battery
  • Driver Type: Hub Mounted Motor
  • Charging Time: 4-5 Hours

Breaking and Suspension

  • Breaking: Front-dual disk brake
  • Suspension: Front-Upside down form/Rear-Monoshock Absorber

Nahak P-14 Features

The nahak motors showroom bike is mainly equipped with lots of awesome features which will easily make it stand out of the crowd and also justify the price tag of 2.5 lakhs on this bike. Some of the awesome features are:

  • You can reverse assets with three riding modes. 
  • It offers a separate seat for the pillion rider. 
  • Digital instrument cluster with the LED lights which get used all over the bike. 
  • It offers an easy gear bar and easy controls as well. 
  • It supports the fast chagrin. 
  • It is having the steel chases. 
  • It has an aerodynamically stable mode. 

Nahak Motors Electric Bike Price

Basically, the ex-showroom nahak motors price is 2.5lakh INR and it is more than the specifications of this electric bike. This bike is not mainly launched yet and Nahr also doesn’t mention the P-16 electric bike anywhere on their official website when we tried to reach the company by the contracts they didn’t respond properly on both the electric sport bikes. 

So, simply consider the particularly given information incomplete and we conclude that there are a lot of things that need to be revealed. So, ensure to stay tuned with us to know more about it. 

How to Buy Nahak P-14 Electric Bike

Now, you can be able to buy the Nahak P-14 electric bike and also be able to enjoy its fully-fledged ride. Also, you can be able to pre-book this electric bike on their official website at

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Final Verdict

So, that’s all about the nahak motors. We hope that this article will be helpful for you to know and to gather all the details about this nahak motors p14 electric bike. If yes, then do share this detailed article with other people so that they can also be able to gather all the details and take advantage of this article.

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