Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity – In Europe, you can get the Tesla Model 3 along with a tow hitch, and also Tesla Model 3 Towing Capacity is 2,000 pounds.

Also, this article helps you to know about model 3 towing which will be so helpful for you to get to know if you have to give it a try or not. 

Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity

Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity

Tesla towin is one of the hot topics on the internet nowadays. It is because lots of people are having the reservation or booking for the tesla cybertruck.

Model X and Model Y can also be able to tow and they are not rated at heavy loads. When they get equipped properly then you can simply be able to tow 5,000 points with the X and 3,5000 pounds with the Y. 

Also, we prove that the model 3 can be towed and it is not approved to do so in the United States. If you are living in Europe then it is a different story for you. Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity is 2,000 pounds which is also the highest towing capacity also.

Some of the hints are available that Tesla is finally releasing a tow hitch in North America but we are waiting. For those people who love to take risks, they can be able to go for the aftermarket route but that is not something we suggest to you. 

The video will provide you with a wealth of details related to the towing of a camper with the Model 3.

YouTube video
Also, the YouTube channel TinTent will provide particular bullet points about it which are like:

  • It is based on Tesla supercharger costs and also the predicted cost when towing and driving solo, towing a 995Kg caravan will cost 12.4p per mile as compared to the 5.2p per mile in solo. 
  • How long does it take to get charged completely from a 3 pin domestic socket? Tesla supercharger will also allow the users to simply continue their journey with a matter of minutes but chagrin 40% of the tesla model 3 long-range AWD battery which takes 15 hours 40 minutes at 10A to get completely charged. 
  • The battery weight and the low center of gravity mean great towing manners. 

Towing Tab Model 320 Caravan Weighing 700 KG [Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity]

  • Driving in the changing wind directions: 325 Wh.Km – 215 Km range (523Wh/mile – 134 miles). 
  • Driving back into the changing wind directions 336 Wh/km – 208 Km range (541 Wh.mile – 129 miles). 

Towing Traditional Caravan Weighing 100Kg [Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity]

  • Driving out into the headwind: 400 Wh/Km – 175 Km Range (644 Wh/mile – 109 miles). 
  • Driving back into the tailwind 337 Wh/Km – 210 Km range (542 Wh/mile – 130 miles)

FAQs on Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity

  • Can The Tesla Model 3 Tow a Trailer?

The towing package allows the car owner to tow a trailer or to carry an accessory with the model 3 like bicycles, skis, snowboards, and much more.

  • How Much Does a Tesla Model 3 Pull?

When it gets equipped properly then you can be able to tow 5,000 pounds with the X and 3,500 pounds with the Y. We have also proven that the model 3 can be able to tow. 

  • Can a Tesla Model 3 Tow a Boat?

As the model 3 pullin the 3000 lb ski boat and trailer at 60mph used nearly 600 Wh/mile if the size of the model 3 battery is 72kWh and the complete range of pulling the boat will be 120 miles. These are some of the factors which will improve the pulling efficiency of the boat. 

  • Can a Tesla Tow 5000 lbs?

The model X is mainly rated with the maximum 5,000 lbs towing capacity on the 20” wheels. Fitted with the larger 22’’ wheels the tow rating will reduce to 3,500 lbs. All the new model X cars will come with the tow package and also the tow mode which will simply monitor the trailer sway and also easily adjust the wheel braking and its speed as well. 

  • Can a Tesla Pull a Small Camper?

Tesla model 3 is one of the highly efficient EVs in the market but as far from the ideal vehicle to simply tow a camper, no battery-powered car is and we find countless tests. That’s why it is so interesting to watch the model 3 towing a camper and we will see how the battery holds at the time of the test. 

  • Can You Add Tow Hitch to Model 3?

Exceeding the maximum weight, the model 3 hitch is mainly designed to support the major significant damage. Make sure to not to attempt to install the accessory carrier on model 3 which is not equipped with the towing package and doing this may cause significant damage. 

  • Can You Pull a Camper With a Tesla?

Yes, you can be able to tow an RV with the Tesla it is such a powerful vehicle and it will provide a great ride. 

  • Can Tesla Pull a Boat?

Tesla is actually a good car for towing a boat or oyster trailer. The Tesla Model X and Model Y are highly capable to tow a boar or tailor. The Model X tow package is rated for up to 5000 pounds on the 20’’ wheels or 3500 pounds on 22’’ wheels. The model Y is mainly capable of towing a maximum of 3500 pounds. 

  • Can Tesla Car Tow Trailers?

Tesla Model X sees 71 percent of range at the time of towing luxury travel. The Bowlus terra film will cost 100 miles of an EV. Bowlus tests the tesla model X’s towing capability along with the Terra Firma travel trailer and the tesla model X sees 71 percent of the range at the time of trailering the 3200-pound trailer. 

  • Should You Plug in a Tesla Every Night?

We suggest you plug in every evening to top off the battery of your tesla. For regular use, we suggest you keep your car set in the daily range bracket which is up to approximately 90%. Charging for up to 100% is really good when you are preparing for a long trip.

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Have you ever towed a Tesla? What about model 3? If not, then do you consider using model 3 for light towing? Simply begin a conversation in the below-given comment section about Tesla Model 3 Tow Capacity.

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