PPF Tesla Model 3 Cost – Apart from the body style of tesla like model S, model 3, model X, and model Y and the manufacturer of Tesla, a vehicle’s color or hue is a highly crucial aspect to determine the automobile purchase. People who will buy Tesla model 3s mainly tend to love their purchase and they are also willing to tailor their car in their own unique style. 

It is where wrapping your car will take place and you can be able to wrap your tesla model 3 yourself or also be able to take it to the professional to simply complete this job. Whether the way you select, wrapping your car will provide you with a new look and ensure that it will simply stand out from the other EVs on the road.

PPF Tesla Model 3 Cost

PPF Tesla Model 3 Cost

By keeping this thing in your mind, we can simply take a new look at what it will take to wrap this vehicle and also how much it will cost to simply wrap a Tesla Model 3. 

From Advertising to Appearance

Vehicle wrapping is new in the contemporary vinyl form and the concept of covering the vehicle which is mainly around for some time. Vehicle wrapping will make it a huge strider in terms of innovation and also creativity with rising the number of car enthusiasts to turn to the simple and affordable approach to simply customize their car. If you believe that vehicle wrapping is used for advertising purposes, you may miss out on some of the highly popular automobile trends. If you want to spice things up by simply covering the part of your vehicle or to go out with the new body color at the time of driving by the streets of America. 

Wrapping Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Fast forward to the year 2008, the first Tesla Roadster debut allowed the electric car to simply become the popular alternative to fossil fuel vehicles. Lots of people believe vinyl wrapping to become a recent development it was mainly developed in the 1920s and it is so costly that a small number of individuals are able to afford it. 

Like the switch from the combustion engine to the electric vehicle, wrapping is going through development, refinement, and also innovation for many years. By giving more than half of the automobiles which are painted into the monochromatic tone,  there is no method for being an EV owner who is interested in different styles and also the different colors or finish or something which is highly creative and you are completely not able to do it. 

Simply make your decision but wonder how much it will cost you to wrap tesla model 3. Whether you are looking for the wildest of wraps or want to add the delicate finishing touch to your tesla’s model 3’s appearance. 

How Much Does It Cost to Wrap a Tesla Model 3?

Depending upon the context, wraps may be vinyl or paint protection film. Here in this blog we will simply concentrate on the vinyl wraps and let’s look at the costs. If you are scratching your head and wonder what will make vinyl car wrap and also the paint protection film different then you don’t need to worry. The car wrap vinyl is mainly colored to match the automobile paint, while the paint protection film is transparent to simply protect against minor scratches. 

There are some exceptions and several types of paint protection film are mainly available in the restricted number of black and gray color options and it is not the case with the car wraps. In lots of places, a complete Tesla model 3 wrap job will mainly cost you $3,200 and stores with extensive experience on the upper east side will charge you $6,000 and those in the less expensive areas may charge you $2,000. 

PPF wrap projects mainly tend to be more costly and they will provide you with the option of partial wrap which may reduce the cost by half or more than half. If you are willing to wrap your Tesla with PPF completely then you have to expect to spend between $5,000 and $8,000 and you will be able to locate the companies which will perform the particle front-end job for nearly $1,200 to $1,800. 

PPF is more costly as compared to the other options when it comes to the material expenses and in comparison, two 3M vinyl 5’ x 30’ rolls will cost you nearly $1000 whereas the PPF material simply covers the complete model 3 which will cost you double or more. 

Cost of DIY Tesla Car Wraps

Lots of them will do it themselves automobile transformation options which are mainly available and some of them are having excellent value quality relationships while others do not. The best approach to simply determine that it is worth taking the matter into your own hand is to simply do your own research.

A car wrap will mainly cost you between $500 and $2,500 which will depend upon the size of the vehicle. The material which gets used and the complete quality of the vehicle will impact the final price to be paid. Depending upon the size of Tesla model 3, the estimated cost is nearly $2,000 or above. 

Should You Wrap Your Tesla Model 3?

From the sleek design to the beautiful capabilities, a Tesla Model 3 is one of the dream cars for people from all over the world. When you buy or lease a Tesla then the limited color option will surprise you as most of the models will come up in the traditional color palette which ranges from Pearl white, midnight silver, solid black, deep blue, and red as well. 

Simply leave color for a while and simply imagine getting your brand new tesla after waiting for months. You need to have it scratched by the low-hanging tree branch when you drive it home from the dealer for the very first time. 

What Could Possibly Be Worse Than This Situation?

The original paint of Tesla cars which include the model 3 and also its variant, the mode S and Model Y, and the roadster and the cyber truck may destroy the fast if the paint protection will not be apprised after buying it. Tesla may have the paintwork protected if it is having minor damage on the surface like scratches. Wrapping a Tesla before having any typical wear and tear which can assist to preserve the underlying paint and keep it in the best condition. 

If you wonder whether or not to wrap your Tesla Model 3, you need to know that having a vehicle wrap fitted by a competent crew will save you from experiencing the heart-wrenching sensation of scratching the brand new tesla. Unlike the paint protector, vinyl wraps are mainly available in different colors and are customizable with any pattern, design, or imagery to make it simple to simply give your new Tesla one of the types of appearance which will simply entice everyone on the road. 

Benefits of Wrapping Tesla Model 3  – An Overview

As the primary benefit of wrapping your tesla is to simply preserve the underlying pain from the ordinary wear and tear and Tesla vehicle will also provide lots of other advantages like:

  • Quick vehicle transformation
  • Protection against scratches and paint fading
  • The cost is mainly less as compared to repainting. 
  • It will maintain the vehicle’s resale value. 
  • The loan is lasting and also the resident is fading. 
  • Guaranteed for at least 7 to 10 years. 
  • It is completely detachable and preserves the original finish. 
  • The installation is within 1-2 days which is so fast. 

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping Your Tesla Model 3

If you are willing your Tesla Model 3 to simply stand out from the crowd then a vinyl wrap is something which you need to simply make a statement, demonstrate your personality or to add a distinctive touch to the vehicle. 

Because of the abundance of available creative options, you can simply let your imagination run wild, and here are some of the highly relevant pros which simply help you to see why vinyl wrap is best for you. 

Video Guide of Tesla PPF

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Wrapping Up

From protection to appearance, vinyl car wraps are good to go when selecting a tesla wrap company to simply deal with inquiring about the type of vinyl material which they use. The company which will employ high-quality material like the Avery cast and 3M vinyl can be able to give a high degree of protection for your Tesla as compared to the companies who are using off-brand vinyl. 

To simply conclude, a complete Tesla Model 3 wraps a job that will simply cost you around $3,200 and the stores with extensive experience on the upper side may charge up to $6,000 and those in less expensive areas may charge as low as $2,000 low. If you are one of the DIY buffs then you can be able to complete it by yourself within the estimate which costs you around $500 to $2,000.

So, this was the guide on “PPF Tesla Model 3 Cost” but, if you still have any queries then drop them in the comment section below.

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