Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Price, Booking, Pictures, Features 2023 – The demand for electric vehicles is growing in the Indian market, where electric scooters are leading the way. Many new electric vehicle start-ups are entering the market, alongside established companies. Among them, Zelio Bikes, a start-up from Haryana, has launched several electric scooters, including their “Speed Electric Scooter”. 

The company was founded by Neeraj Arora in 2020 and is based in Haryana, where it manufactures its electric scooters. Today, we will look at the Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter, an affordable and superior electric scooter.

Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Price, Booking, Pictures, Features 2023

Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Price, Booking, Pictures, Features

It is one of the best and cheapest electric scooter from the company, designed with excellency. 

It is a low-budget electric scooter still it is available with amazing features and specifications. The company has made an effort to include the best features in this electric scooter.

Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Specification 

About specifications, this electric scooter boasts amazing specifications, with a 60 V, 26-40 Ah battery pack utilized and a 48/60V BLDC motor used. 

The scooter can travel up to 60-120 km on a complete charge and while the top speed has not been officially declared by the company, tests have indicated a speed of 50 km/hr.

It also features a dual suspension that offers better handling. The company has also provided the option to install an additional battery to raise the scooter’s range. 

The scooter is available along with a lead battery but can also be switched to a lithium-ion battery. According to the company, the battery can stay for 18000 kilometers or 2 years. Further, the scooter has a fantastic design with a headlight and turn indicator in the front, and an amazing design light in the back. 

Features of Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

  • The Zelio Eeva budget electric scooter comes with several features that enhance the riding experience. It has a display to monitor speed, range, battery, and other features. 
  • Keyless entry and starting via a button on the remote are possible. 
  • The scooter has a parking button, three riding modes, reverse mode, and cruise control with a single button. 
  • There’s a USB charging port for phone charging, a backrest for passengers, and storage space in the front. 
  • The scooter also has an anti-theft system that locks the rear wheel when the scooter is locked and a large boot space with the power on-off button. 
  • A lady’s footrest is also included.

Design of Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

This scooter is available in a classic style design along with modern touches in certain areas. The front features a dual-tone design. The scooter looks attractive with its black color in combination with the side. Three different color options are available: blue, black, and white.

Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter Price and Booking

The cost of this electric scooter ranges from 54,575 to 57,475 Rupees. An extra charge of 3000 Rupees is applied if a separate battery is added. 

An additional charge is also applied for switching from a lead battery to a lithium-ion battery. The scooter can be purchased from the company’s dealership network.

FAQs on Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

  • What is the range of the Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter?

Ans. The range of this electric scooter is between 60 and 120 kilometers.

  • What is the top speed of the Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter?

Ans. The top speed of this electric scooter is 50 kilometers per hour.

  • How much does the Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter cost?

Ans. The initial price of the Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter is 54,575 rupees and goes up to 57,475 rupees.

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